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Birthdate and full name issue

Where can I see all the informations I gave fiverr while doing registration? Like full name, birthdate, contact no etc. Also did they ask for birthdate while registration? I forgot. Can anyone tell me what kind of information(name, age and everything) someone provides while opening an account?


I find your request deeply peculiar…

If you signed up for your account (sometime within the last 30 days, according to your gig profile), wouldn’t you already know what information they asked you to provide when you recently signed up for your account? You already provided this information when you joined Fiverr. Did your birthday change within the last 30 days? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I don’t wanna change anything. I just wanna see a draft of them. Like everywhere we sign up using our informations, they let us see all the informations in a page. But don’t see any page like that in here. That’s why.

Also I don’t remember every particular option they had on the form haha. That’s why actually

You signed up for Fiverr less than a month ago – less than 30 days. Are you suggesting that you have forgotten your birthday, contact info, name, age, etc, your, as you put it, “everything”? You input those very things into Fiverr’s sign-up form 3-4 weeks ago. Why do you need a “draft” of what you entered? You already know what you entered.

If I’m being honest, it sounds a bit like, maybe, this isn’t your account. Or at least it wasn’t when someone else signed up for it. Perhaps, within the last 30 days, that someone else sold you this account, and now you are looking for “a draft of their sign-up information”, so that you can change it to your own data – or, perhaps, so that you plan to use that other person’s data for other purposes.

I’m not saying this IS what you’ve done, but I’ve been around long enough to see the red flags. You should already know your own personal data that “you” would have used to sign up for your account less than 30 days ago. You shouldn’t need help trying to figure out what YOU already know.

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I know my personal data. I don’t even need to see what I provided. I just want to see what information they take generally while opening an account.

And as you’ve guessed so much, I’m gonne describe the whole thing. My young cousin wants to open a fiverr account, but she’s still not 18 and doesn’t have any national ID card, so she asked me what information they need while registration.

That’s what I’ve been asking the whole time. I don’t need to see my informations, I just need to know what someone needs to provide while opening an account. I’ve opened mine 24 days ago, but I can’t accurately remember every Option they had there(obviously I’m not a robot).

I posted the whole thing to help an underaged person to open an account.

Don’t be so rude to people, please. Without knowing anything, don’t put any accusation on them. This Totally my account.

This Totally is* my account.

And I’ve been asking the same and same thing. I just need to know what information someone has to provide while opening an account. Do you have a list of them or something?

I don’t need any change Option or anything. I don’t even wanna change my informations. I just wanna see WHAT INFORMATION THEY REQUIRE. All of them.

More specifically, is there any problem if an underaged person opens an account?

Why? Like I said, you already went through the sign-up process. You already know what information Fiverr asks for when users sign up for accounts.

Fiverr states the following, in their Terms of Service: “This Site is offered and available to users who are 13 years of age or older. If you are under 13 you may not use this Site or the Fiverr services.”

If you need to remind yourself of the personal information you entered 24 days ago, you can find that on the Settings page, available on the drop-down list on your account navigation bar.

Yes I went through that process but I don’t remember EVERY OPTION in the sign up form, which is obvious. And as I’m new here, I don’t even know where to look for the correct information. So I posted it in here. Where did I even say I want to edit or Change anything? Why were you saying the same thing again and again?

I told you where you can find the information. It’s on your site navigation bar, via the drop-down options. Click your image in the bar, and select the Settings page.

Remember: If your friend is underage, they are not allowed to create an account, or use the Fiverr services.

She’s 16. So she can open an account, according to the terms, right?

But she doesn’t have any national ID card, does that mean any problem?

If she is 16, then she is older than 13, and she can create an account here.

Yes, that could be a problem if she is asked to verify her account.

It could be a problem if she’s asked to verify her account with her ID. Your cousin should be able to get a passport, though (and a passport can be used for verification).

There’s another possible problem: once she starts earning, she’d need to withdraw via either PayPal or Payoneer, but both require that she’s at least 18.


If you want to know what personal information Fiverr have stored about you and can’t remember what info you gave them, there’s a way to find out, see Fiverr’s Privacy Policy, and, for a quicker read and actionable link/mail, “Data and Privacy” in the Seller Help Center:

“Fiverr is in compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the highest privacy standard. This provides you control over managing your personal information, which means you can access and/or delete your data stored on Fiverr.”

Also, as a suggestion, if I was helping a minor with their account, I’d insist on them reading the whole Privacy Policy, ToS, and at least the FAQ and other major points in the Seller Help Center (and I’d read it myself too, if I hadn’t already because it’s quite a responsibility to help someone with something like this).

Good luck to your cousin, but maybe first figure out how she’d be able to verify and withdraw before she’ll register and maybe get an order, so she won’t be demotivated by having worked and not being able to receive the payment for her hard work! :slight_smile: