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Birthday Slideshow With Unlimited Revisions

ı will design a great birthday slideshow with unlimited revisions;

Unlimited revisions are unlimited, I hope you are aware of this.

If someone buys something from you in this GIG for 5$ he can ask you to do revisions every day for8-14 hours for the rest of your life or until you refund him/her.

Please reconsider your plan to offer unlimited revisions.


I Am Aware Of This And I Believe That I Will Make My Customer Happy Thank You

Just be sure, that you are ready for really UNLIMITED revisions - many scammers looking for this and get work for free by sending revision requests again and again


Of course they will be happy. I would also be happy if I could get 50 logos a day every day forever for 5$.

That is what unlimited revision means. I order a logo from you, I want it black and animal, you give me revision, I changed my mind I want it to be color abstract, revision, I changed my mind I want it blue and wavy, revision, I want stars, revision, I want animal, revision, i want watercolor, revision, I want invert space, revision, revision revision. Unlimited revisions.


Thank You For Your Comment But After A Few Customer Satisfaction I Can Fix It

No, no no, not FEW, you said unlimited. Few is not unlimited.

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You’re saying the truth, but there seems to be no way to stand out on this platform

After A Few Customers, I Made A Promotion Because I Was New To This Price So There Is An End To It.

Note About The Revisions

I Charge $5 Per Revision If: You Change Captions Completely; If You Want To Replace Many Images; Change Voice Over File, Etc. Any Mistakes, Typos, Small Changes Or By My Fault Are Included In Gig Revisions And Are Free. If You Need To Add More Slides There Is Additional Cost Of $10 Up To 60 Images.

The above is from your gig FAQ section.

This is confusing and will put buyers off.


Thank You, I Will Consider Your Advice

High quality service+normal price (and normal doesn’t mean low price) is a way to be on any platform and get enough orders.

Some people ready to work a week for $5 - this is not ok. Good buyers will never respect people, who doesn’t respect themselves, their time and work


Thank You, I Will Consider Your Advice