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Bitcoin is the future or not?


Please have a debate on this and discuss about it .


If you have gotten into debt to buy Bitcoin, you would be very wise to go away and spend a week thoroughly researching cryptocurrencies and the digital asset economy. Here is not the right place for such discussion and your question is far too complicated for anyone to answer in the first place.


it will be debate not debt


Will I be expected to pay my own airfare or is travel included?


i will give a free offer to my gig means nothing i will take from u but i will give a good profit


Is investment advice actually allowed on Fiverr? Are you a qualified financial advisor?


It is not the right place to discuss …i just want some to have a debate on this topic…will bitcoin be our future or not?


to be fair he said it’s up to debt.

So let’s debt!


If yes then why ?if no why?


I’m concerned you might be:

  1. offering financial advice if you’re not suitably qualified
  2. breaking Fiverr’s ToS

in a similar way, medical advice gigs aren’t allowed.


so lets discuss :stuck_out_tongue:


i m a financial advisor but that i cant boost here so i diverted the topic :slight_smile:


Any kind of self-promotion (if that’s what you’re trying to do) is only allowed in My Fiverr Gigs.


It’s like gambling, a lot like gambling. You should never invest more than you’re willing to lose.

It’s a very volatile market where overnight the price can fall or rise considerably.


Interesting you’re a man of many talents.

You’re also a :cake: :pancakes: sweets & cooking connoisseur, no?

If you want to promote your gig(s) do so in My Fiverr Gigs.

People like to eat and love money. :money_mouth_face:


I appreciate you for telling this thing to all .It is correct i also believe this thing.


i think u havent understand my point please check the reply below i think he has replied it correctly and i dont want a promotion but a good discussion


And you just happen to have a gig for it.

The same goes for the Indian recipe topic, you just want a discussion, and you just happen to have a gig for it.

Are you aware that starting topics like this is highly unlikely to help you get sales?


Dude, you are on the wrong forum to discuss stuff like that. There are plenty of forums out there.


Thanku so much but really i love both .wITH OUT BOTH i cant live money and food .Food i cook just as a hobby and money just to live life .Music as passionc