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Bitcoin Price Predictions for December 2020 - Anyone Game?

If there is one thing that keeps me in edge every day, it is not Fiverr stress. It is actually an acute form of PTSD caused by 24-hour Bitcoin and cryptocurrency price watching.

So far, all the calls I’ve made have been good ones. I dabbled in trading for a while. and I made zero profit. However, overall I haven’t made any loss on my original investments. It has been hard, though, watching prices zig-zag up and down like a maniacal heart monitor connected to the bulk of my life savings.

Now, as some might know, 2020 is a big year for Bitcoin. In May, the supply of new coins coming to market will be cut by 50%. This happens every 4-years and when it does, Bitcoin usually skyrockets in value.

This might not happen. However, it would be interesting to know if anyone else is invested in BTC and what their predictions are. Mine personally is that Bitcoin may hit $15K this year. I also think prices will get as high as $127K between now and 2025. However, I believe that around that time, Bitcoin will sink again to $15K and stay there for a long time.

I’m going on nothing but my gut feeling here and the fact that I had a dream a while ago where I was 5-years in the future, realized I was dreaming and checked the Bitcoin price quickly before I woke up. The price then was $15K.

But, what are your thoughts?

So if I can frame the question correctly I’m going to ask the cards. Then perhaps make a purchase of them myself.

So they generally skyrocket in May? I shall ask them that unless I should phrase the question differently. How it is worded is important as the cards interpret that literally.

No. Every 4-years, the Bitcoin supply is cut by 50%. This time it is happening in May. Prices usually skyrocket. However, prices start going up quickly over the course of the next 12-24 months. (They can crash just after halving.) If it would help you read the cards, I also know the name of the creator of Bitcoin, his age, and where he lives, but for that, you’d have to PM me.

No I just need a simple question the cards can answer. But I don’t know enough about bitcoins or what you are talking about to phrase it.
Such as: “What will happen to the price of bitcoins in the coming six months?” Only more precise about the timing. Or something similar.

For example I had asked the cards “who will win the presidential election” and got the answer Hillary. She actually DID win the popular vote so the cards showed her as the winner of the election.

Then just before the election I asked “who will become the next president?” and got Donald (King of Diamonds) for the answer. He was made president due to the electoral college.

So the phrasing is critical.

So I am thinking of asking if prices will be up a year from now.

You need to ask if BTC prices will be up. There are three versions of Bitcoin. Only BTC is the real one.

Also, I’m not sure how accurate your predictions could be. I did use Gematria to predict Bitcoin prices a few yeas ago. However, the results kept changing. One day Bitcoin was a blessing or destroyer of rivers. The next it was a fools foot.

So far for as long as I can remember they’ve been accurate. It’s like a science fiction movie, its eerie.

I can’t make predictions but I accumulate knowing that the price and power of bitcoin will raise exponentially.
There is a big resistance right now at 9k so time will tell if it breaks I think will go up otherwise will get pushed back in the same channel from 7.5k to 9.

I can speak from experience talking about the pressure of continually hitting up any quote engine to see the latest price-changes.

I could not just stop doing it, so I was thinking about a better, less time-consuming way.
Hence, I built up my database (which I’m willing to share) with crypto-data and started backtesting some very simple trading-algorithms (really everybody could do that).

Once I was satisfied with the results, I let the algorithm trade some parts of my funds, and voila profits came out of it.

I guess that a less emotional approach to trading is already the first step.

Don’t invest in some of those “signal-prophets” as they are (a) quite expensive and (b) very subjective.

There will be bitcoin halving after 3 days, the price will rise because of the short of supply. I’d guess it will up to $15,000 before July

I wouldn’t be so sure. The price usually drops after halving. There is also the next stock market crash to consider. At the moment, stocks are in a dead cat bounce. The second lockdowns in the U.S. are fully lifted, there is going to be a wave of mass rent, credit card, mortgage defaults, foreclosures, and all the nastiness that goes with all that. In my opinion, that will be the trigger for the next crash.

At present, the biggest question concerning BTC isn’t how high will prices go? It’s will BTC uncouple from the stock market? - And if so when?

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