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Bitcoin Transaction problem


hello pals , i encountered a problem that i want to share here,if someone could assist me to resolve it. i made an order with bitcoins yesterday, i paid to the bitcoin receive address provided by the fiverr, i proceeded and paid with bitcoins and it cost for the gig plus fiverr charge was deducted from my wallet. i later consulted the seller and he did not received the order too.please help me out,how to i retrieve or claim the money back from the fiverr wallet or how would i contact fiverr for assistance? , have anyone here experienced the same problem and how was it resolved?

thank you


I would contact Customer Support. If you need help, look here:


thanks very much, i contacted the customer support and my issues has been resolved.the amount has been deposited to my fiverr account… i made my order today looking forward for my order to be delivered.thanks to the fiverr Customer support team.