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BITCOIN, WEBMONEY ... possible alternate payment/withdrawal options


with Paypal being restricted or not available in some countries, a much more global option to receive funds must be made available.

About not suggesting Skrill and Neteller, well they are LOOTING CUSTOMERS. NOT TRUSTED AT ALL. They just block your account for some reason when you store money into their server.

Paypal is the most trusted online payment option followed by bitcoin and webmoney.



In Bangladesh Bitcoin and paypal both are unavailable. Only Payoneer works for us!


Damn! That’s sad :frowning:

Does Webmoney works in your country?


not sure…! never saw anyone mentioning about it.


I agree, please adopt cryptocurrency payment to fiverr


There was a payment option in BTC some time ago (not withdraw tho) but they have removed it.


Since we’re making wishes I want to get paid in diamonds :slight_smile: