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Bitter experience

Hello everyone, I wish to share with you my sad experience)
I already as 3 years am the seller in Fiverr, I have many positive responses about my work, my work consist in delivery Soundcloud plays, likes and followers as sold contacts of the musical industry and others, but in one fine day all my services have been cleaned from the general search for buyers, it has very much afflicted me, and so the essence what I do not understand why Fiverr does not delete such services which were I have? In particular services Soundcloud If these services break Soundcloud third party terms of service, there have already passed 3 months as have cleaned my service with set of good responses, and other precisely same services have remained, Fiverr even encourages some such services (showing them in a category of Social marketing in section Recommended and High Rating) for me it is very strange friends, I am very afflicted…

Below I have written links on the same services which were I have:

It is only small part of services which in opinion Fiverr break rights Soundcloud, very much it is not fair!
Thanks for perusal, Peace!

Have you asked customer support about this? Maybe they can help or explain it.

Unfortunately, without success , and in vain, I tried (

Anything is possible , but now none of my service did not approve of search , it is not pleasant to me more