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Bitter Taste as a Seller

I started off in Fiverr as a buyer for several years and recently as a seller. My first gig was offering webhosting and a buyer bought 3 gigs for me, 1 at a time.

The first one went smoothly and the buyer gave a positive review. The 2nd went smoothly as well and another positive received.

However, upon checking his website (from 2nd order), i found out his website are used for illegal PP phishing. Ive suspended his website (from 2nd order) and not the first.

Im puzzled how Fiverr can refund his first order and 2nd order when everything is setup and fulfilled. These 3 separate orders should be accounted on its own. The buyer was unhappy about me thwarting his illegal phishing efforts.

Though is only $4, it left a bitter taste as a seller trying out.

Fiverr refunded because you didn’t keep your end of the bargain, to provide web hosting. Even if the buyer is a crook, he did pay for the webhosting, if he doesn’t get it, he’s entitled to getting his money back.

Perhaps you should add an exception in your gig description, something like

No Phishing Sites • No Adult Sites • No Payday Lending

Good luck.

I agree that when someone orders you need to say exactly what types of sites are not allowed. Anyone doing illegal things needs to have all his sites banned from your server.
You could get in trouble for things he is doing on your server.