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Bizarre and Horrifying Buyer Request

Yesterday i was looking through buyer requests when i saw something particularly unusual and quite frankly, a bit horrifying. A buyer posted a request for three sad suicide letters; one for his/her mother, father and brother. He/she said that details would be provided for the individual letters and that only serious inquiries would be entertained. What was even more shocking was the number of fiverrs offering their services to the buyer, i hope they were inquiring about the reason for the request.

I don’t even know how to reply to this. I think its sad more than bizarre and horrifying… If its real.

If you still see this post in buyer requests please bring this to the attention of customer support along with a screen shot. They might look into it and take it down.

WHAT! Why would he want suicide letters written for OTHER people? What’s going on? This is serious.

Oh, I’m sorry, I misunderstood…he wants to write a suicide letter to be sent to his family members. Still, very horrifying. Someone should alert the authorities and save this person’s life.

Perhaps I’m a dreadful old cynic, but this could be a “social experiment” to see how low people will go for $5, or a “creative project” for the shock value (or a “hard-hitting” school project…). It may well be a cry for help, so it should be taken seriously and reported–though I’m not sure what Fiverr would be able to do in this situation.

In any case, I believe the best thing to do in anon situations like this is to write providing details of helplines and resources, maybe personal accounts of why suicide isn’t the answer, and urging them to seek help.

I’m still leaning towards my original analysis though. Multiple suicide notes written by someone else? Are they going to hire the hangman next? It’s definitely bizarre. Report with concern and send helplines and resources, but I wouldn’t do anything else.

If it indeed is real, then you should tell them that you’re not trying to pry but they should ring a suicide life line or visit their GP/Psychologist, they may be suffering from depression or bi-polar and need both meds and cognitive therapy, I know it’s not your job to do so but if you can save one person from committing suicide it’s worth far more than $5!

Aside from the cry for help this obviously is, a suicide letter needs to have personal information in it that someone else wouldn’t know. It is not appropriate to farm it out to a hired writer.
This person is either joking or announcing their desperation.

If it’s fake as has been suggested: Not a very funny joke. They’re not a very good rusemaster. And it’s incredibly odd.

If it’s a cry for help and is real? Then all I can do is stare ahead like ಠ_ಠ

I’m wondering also about the people who genuinely were comfortable writing someone’s suicide note. I like to take on a lot of $5 jobs because I can get them done quickly, but I’m not desperate enough for money to do that.

that’s sad :frowning: