Bizarre message


About 2 days ago, I received a message, saying, “Hi Jon, what background are you using in your picture?”

A little strange, I thought, but in the spirit of response rates I decided to reply: “Hi, are you referring to my profile picture, or the other pictures on my gig page?”

Then silence until yesterday afternoon when I receive this reply: “Okay, thank you.”


Has a large amount of illegal substances accidentally been spilt into the water supply!?

Anyone else had anything similar to this recently? Is this someone (rival) trying to impact on my response rate?


It might be someone trying out their new English skills. Or just another person who hates to read anything. Nothing surprises me any more.


Possibly, although when I had a look at their profile, their intro was probably one of the strangest things I have read on here!

I wish nothing surprised me anymore - on the contrary, I am surprised, shocked and sometimes insulted on a daily basis. :confused:


So as it turned out, you could have responded with literally anything, and it would have been taken for an answer.


Yup, I could’ve responded with: “I have a terrible case of rickets.”

“Okay, thank you.” :wink:


There’s a strong possibility! :joy:

I get hit with bizarre messages, too. Most of the time, I try my best to decode the gibberish or move on.


Well, at least the person said “thank you,” that’s nice enough…I think?

One time I got the good old one word

“Hi” message, so I replied asking how I can help him/her.

The idiot replied “Why you ask.”

Every time I get annoying messages like this, I do the
"May you suffer from terrible diarrhea and get nasty rashes in your private area for the next 24 hours" curse ritual in my head and move on. And also grab another cup of nice hot coffee.


That sounds like a solid plan and will be my mantra from now on.

They certainly do walk among us, though.

Another example - today, I had a revision request, so checked it out and the message said, “I’m just requesting a revision as I don’t want the order to time out”. The modification delivery had been showing up as late for most of the day.

Thanks for that, buyer. Thanks for potentially affecting my sales ranking because you’ve decided to go at it with a considerable amount of vigour with the crack pipe!".