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Black and White ART in books? Looking for answer


Not sure if this is the right section, but here’s my question:

I’m a writer and will be posting a project here soon for a middle grade children’s book, but in the process of compiling my ART requirements, I’m wondering how much to commission? The book is around 40,000 words, and my draft is full of placeholder artwork, both hand sketched and photoshopped and stuff taken from the internet. I would like the final book to also have a lot of art, somewhere around 30 pieces of black and white art, much of it full page.

But is this unreasonable? Is there a reason why books don’t have tons of art? As a reader (especially as a kid) I always liked artwork, such as in the Endless Quest and Choose Your Own Adventures (of which my book is a spin off of that genre). I would love for it to have lots of evocative black and white art, but is there any technical reason why it would NOT be a good idea?

Any clarification would help. Thanks


This is a very bad idea.