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Black Friday Code

Hello dear Fiverr community

when I registered today a pop-up with a Black Friday code appeared with a 10% discount on almost all services. Unfortunately the pop up disappeared quickly and I couldn’t find out the code anywhere.
Not even when I logged out and logged in anew.
Can someone tell me the code? Thank you

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Hi there. You might have gotten it per email, too, maybe do a search, and don’t forget spam folder/s.


Same thing happened with me, a code appeared, then quickly disappeared, and I checked all of my email inboxes - nothing :confused:

Ah, too bad, I typed “fiverr promo” in my email box and got quite a few results, including recent ones. Maybe check your Fiverr notification settings, I don’t remember but perhaps there are separate settings for order-related and other notifications.

I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to pass on or ask other sellers for those codes btw, there was a thread where a seller said he gave a promo code to a buyer and got told to not do that again by support. So, I assume, the codes are just for the person who receives them and would err on the side of caution.

I used the code BLACK2019 …gave me 10% off. Try that. WOrked for me a couple of hours ago. Good luck!

Great :grinning: or you can google it for this code