Black hat backlinks - good or bad


Hi everybody! I really want to rank better in google and friends. I think nearly everythink is ready onpage. But know i need more backlinks! Is there anyone with experiance in white hat and black hat? Is there anyone who creating successful rankinks for his businnes with black und would it prefer to other people? (Please dont promote any gigs)

Thank you to all the experts shed light on the matter :)>-

Kind regards, Oni


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>> black hat



Could it not be good? Maybe someone knows a strategy?


Blackhat SEO tends to work faster, and provide faster results, but it is prone to google “slaps”, and is a more risky way of doing it, as your site could be thrown out of the rankings at any time. It usually is not the most ethical way to do things. Whitehat providdes slower results usually, but the results that it does provide are more stable, and usually pays of better in the long run. Atleast thats my opinion, and (the little :P) experience that I have, you might want to double check with someone else :).


Hello Oni

black hat backlinks are bad for seo , Google is smart enough to detect such links

You should create a brand for your website , Create business pages with your brand name on all popular 2.0 sites ( Google plus , Facebook , Twitter , YouTube , hubpages …)

Also , Don’t follow any seo guide except - " search engine optimization starter guide" by Google

Good Luck


Blackhat links are only good if you are trying to rank a Youtube video on google. For webpages, it’s a definite no-no


It’s called “black hat” for a purpose. First make sure your onpage SEO is done right, 99% of the guys i know do it WRONG.

White hat takes time, i prefer to go grey. I use private networks to promote my websites.


I provide a SEO analysis reports (all white hat)

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How can you know if they are using Black Hat or White Hat?


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Black Hat backlink building is generally the shady aspect of building value to your page and is usually only beneficial to those trying to push traffic temporarily to a squeeze page to get a few sales at the very least, then lose the value soon after and rinse and repeat. Essentially, black-hat is the equivalent of an attempt to game the system.

White hat is more long-term and natural, organic, and will help you much more. This is an attempt to follow the rules and rank over time in a natural and proper way.


Reply to @freelancemm: Thanks for the reply. I understand the difference between the two but I’d like to know how does one know if they are buying Black Hat or White Hat.

It seems quite possible that someone could say they are using White Hat but are actually using the Black Hat.

How would someone know for sure? Having google slap you would be a bit too late.


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Well, everyone wants to rank better on Google, don’t they? Having one of the top ten organic rank slots (SERPs) on Google is a lot like owning one of ten homes on a lake.

So it follows that ranking page one (naturally) on Google or Bing or Yahoo can be viewed as a lake house. Which means it isn’t a stretch of the imagination to realize this might cost a few dollars more than buying a home down the street, right?

There is no short cut to SEO. Period.

Google is fast on their way to dismantling every trick and tool that White Hat and Black Hat SEO people have used to get a page ranking naturally on page one. Google will have you pay for everything. Google+ used to be a 100% free system. Sure, it’s still free but you get to boost your posts now a bit like Facebook now.

Here’s what your friends at Google are doing now to roadblock all attempts at organic SEO.

Just this weekend, Google pulled the plug on Authorship. Tsk. Tsk.

This was the system that allowed you to link your photo and biography with a script that showed you were the author of the content you just wrote. This was a huge tool that let bloggers control their content and how it appeared on a natural search results page.

It stood out nicely, too. You’d see a photo avatar of the person who was credited to writing that content. Look at this Boomberg post.

See the photo and the Google description? Nice isn’t it? Your photo avatar and having it linked to an article you wrote was a killer way to stand out for a few years. Now… it’s dead. One more Google system they’ve pulled the plug on.

But…the tool worked too well for both White Hat and the Dark Side of the SEO Force.

Let me put this in perspective.

I have a few competitors out there. Our company dominated the page one, #1 search results for 7 years for several terms.

Then one day, I scream when I saw a ten year old photo of my nemesis (Jason) show up on page one of a Google key word search.

ARRRRRRGHHHHHH! Nooooooooooooo! How did this happen? Who did he bribe at Google to jump to page one #1 like this?

I did some digging and found the answers.

His trick for page done visibility: The Yoast Pro plugin and a WordPress website filled with both standard metas and OG (Open Graph) Meta tags. And three articles that copied our Meta title "word for word."

Oh yes, and the Google Authorship on two articles with a dozen posts to Facebook and Google+. Boom. Page one, #1. He came off page 2, position 3 and rose like a rocket to page one #1 in less than 90 days.

Over the last few weeks, he’s been page one #1, then bottom of page 1. This means Google is “emptying” the ranking authority he once had.

Bottom line: Links don’t work today. It’s all about content. Fresh content.

If you can write and produce a few pages a week – chances are good you can hold onto a page one rank.

But if you don’t produce new content – then Google has the expensive option for you: Paying for Google AdWords until the day you die, or your business dies.

Whichever comes first.


It is good for the site when you see an increase in traffic. I think that if you know how to use it, you will be able to get some good from it. But do not do it if you know nothing about it.


This offer is scam I order it and with programs check these links. No one was dofollow. Only one was ok but google not index it. Others programs which search new linkes not find like link. When I tell this to seller (and send the photo of this from program) she

only send me a cancelation of order.

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its really not a problem of whether you are using a blackhat or whitehat service to rank your website, but the quality of service matters, getting 1000’s backlinks from a chinese or russian websites will surely hurt your ranking if you are targeting english keywords or doing local seo targeting Europe or USA. Top of that recent google algo updates make it worse for seo’rs to stay focus and stick to one strategy or method.


When I first started my site I went through an SEO service for links. I do believe they through in some bad links. How would I get them removed? Or should I just continue to have my links put through FB or Pintrest and hope that it washes out the other? Or did I doom myself?