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Black is Beautiful

Coming from an african lineage can’t get more worst than it’s been, signing up on fiverr, i was even made to believe that i need to put a photo of a white man or woman as my profile picture before i can get orders, but that’s something i wouldn’t do(i look cuter as a person :joy:) i detest cheating, you’d rather love or hate me for who i am. My thought got crappy, is it that bad for us to showcase our crafts for bucks? Glancing through it all, we could have done ourselves some bad in the face of the world via many reasons but i strongly believe not with the colour of the skin.

Africans loves each other and the rest of the world, lives normal life, work really hard. Africans are multi talented people, with diverse power and potentials, believe in oneness and unity of the universe. Africans explore, we break barriers and set records. Blacks are good ambassador of mankind to the rest of the world. Black is beautiful.

We all posses shortcomings no matter the race, blacks could probably be blown out of proportion. Skin defines not who we are, it only serve as a cover to our bones, muscles and tissues. Individually, our believe and character differs which should not be align to race, religion and country. Their’s a lot of beauty behind every skin colour and that should be reference for dealing with mankind. Let all treats regardless of skin. If it could start right from here, it will only grow so fast to our offline relationship to one another, then we can build what we all craving for; ONE WORLD FOR ALL.

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Never think less about yourself because of your skin color. Under/beneath the skin we are all the same (We are human beings who need air to breath, who need food and water to live, etc. We can be good or bad, it is not because of our skin color, but because the choices that we make and the actions that we do). It is our attitudes that matter.

Just be yourself. It is good that you love yourself the way you are. Just do your best here and hopefully you will get a lot of orders. Good luck!

PS: I gave a like to your post.

It must be hard to always be thinking about the tone of your skin. Some of us are pretty much blind to that.


I’m an Indian, I never even once considered my skin tone and nobody has ever discriminated against me for being an Indian. Really, people don’t care about such things. They just want to know if you can do their work or not.

Also, as you can see I use my own photo. Nobody really cares about these things.

We have a mixed race president, the most powerful man in the world. His skin is that of an African. It sounds like you’ve already given up and said to yourself you can’t succeed in life because of your skin color.

The idea that you cannot succeed due to being black simply is not true:

“With Africa having over 11 billionaires on Forbes list. These female billionaires found spots for themselves. For years Oprah Winfrey had the crown as the richest and only billionaire black woman; everything changed in 2014 with Folorunsho Alakija and Isabel dos Santos on Forbes Billionaires .”

Not only are some of these billionaires black, but they are also women.
It’s time to put to rest the idea of being held back due to the color of your skin.

I’m not sure Isabel dos Santos is a good example. She is a billionaire because her father is the President of Angola, one of the poorest countries in the world and has cornered all the resources of his country. Africa needs true success stories, not such cases of obvious corruption and nepotism. Let’s hope that happens fast.

Hi my fellow African
There is no discrimination in Fiverr. Buyers just want to know if you can do their work or not.

Well said @esthernyambura.

The simple way to look at it is that if those who may discriminate because of skin color stay away from you because of your profile picture then that is a good thing. I know I would prefer not to do work for or associate with those people.
I do believe there is discrimination on Fiverr, just as there is in the rest of the world. It would be nice to believe otherwise but it would be naive to do so.
There are probably people who believe I am constantly drunk/hungover as I am Irish and so they won’t order from me. Alcohol and Guinness are what people who want to make smalltalk with me talk about, so I would think it is not a stretch to believe some think it best not to order from me. This doesnt bother me though, any kind of filter to keep idiots away is actually a positive!

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I appreciate your comment. As a customer, I only care about honest, friendly and quality service. It is troublesome that I do not always get what I pay for since, I have joined fiverr. I have ordered a lot of traffic, and yet I have seen much less than .0001% opt-in results with supposed traffic of well over 100,000 and beyond. Obvious there are folks who care about skin color, but I don’t. The character of the person is my focus.

Thank you for sharing.

@drdeejackson. From what I’ve learned about I.M. Buying traffic just simply doesn’t work. You’d be better off paying for ads on google, bing or Facebook.

I’m really white, but I have a lot of freckles and they are really really really close. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

On a serious note, like @eoinfinnegan said, there probably is discrimination on Fiverr, but if that causes people to not order from you, it could be a good thing.

@writer99025 He might be referring to the random posts on the internet. There are many posts and discussion forums which actively encourage people to download some app, change the system time and show country as UK or USA. Use a stock photo. Few sellers on fiverr do so. So it is because of those misguiding posts on the internet.

Heh… on Fiverr, it doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, brown, or yellow. The only color that buyers care about here is green.

Is that because of the fiverr logo? :smiley:

I have never seen a physical dollar note to be honest.

What do you mean you have never seen a physical dollar note?.. A USD note?