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Blackmail Story on Fiverr

i am member on fiverr for year, i got several person purchasing my gigs, few of them were very TACTIC SPAMMERS , they ordered my gig and asked me to do work,
i was happy to get work and did all perfectly and delivered work on time and quality,
after receiving work i expected good reviews now am becoming more popular on fiverr,


what happened, they received work and finding mistakes in work OH ! NO I DIDN’T WANTED SUCH QUALITY THIS THING IS NOT PERFECT, YOU ARE NOT RIGHT PERSON TO WORK WITH.

and ask for refund if you say NO I HAVE DONE COMPLETE AND PERFECT WORK then they will say ok take money am going to give you NEGATIVE BAD FEEDBACK , do you want it?


but i will accept the payback option , and definetly i will prefer it to not spoil my entire account for $5 because in any case your Employer wins coz he will say NO I DONT LIKE THIS WORK ITS NOT WHAT I NEEDED.

then story not ends here:


i tell you they are mostly “Graphics Designers”, “Coders”, and “Article Writers”


The do this to get Free ideas of work, if some one is participating in a Contest outside Fiverr, he will come to you order you work get a Logo done and will ask for refund and, he will use your logo antique idea in his own project and outside fiverr.

Artile write will get work done and starting making excuses for wrong work and definetly that work has much worth for him…

if A Coder Structs in Coding and dont know how to do that. will ask you to do that work when you do this work and give him solution where he struct, he got his work and will kick yourself badely.

NOTE: i am not nonprofessional in my Work you can check my Gigs and samples i attached with my gigs completely done by me, after see that quality of work do you think my work can be so nonprofessional to be refused or denied? i also have attached some of my work with this article

comment if this happened to you already, or read and save yourself from such people.

i can attach more work samples if you ask

Your attachments look like a sex toy.

Honestly, if your buyers are violating Fiverr ToS, contact Customer Support. There’s no such thing as perfection, just a job well done, and there’s absolutely no need for rudeness: a buyer is within their rights to request a modification, but only within the terms of what they ordered. As a seller, it’s your prerogative to offer a little extra, but beyond that…

…there’s really not much point worrying about why they need the work or what they do with it after delivery.

take screenshots and report them to fiver support center … Don’t worry

yeah its great idea thank you so much

but for $5 what they want me to do? Bring Moon to the earth?

Perhaps you need to be clearer in your gig descriptions as to what you offer for $5. And then you need to stand strong in your convictions and limits.

Then again, you’ve been on Fiverr for well over a year, and you have a 67% positive rating. That is neither the sign of a professional, nor good business. If most of your buyers are complaining about the quality of the work you are delivering, then maybe the problem is on your end, not theirs.

lol @ emmaki

The before pictures were terrible in those samples, so the after pictures won’t be much better. All the before pictures look grey and you made them have white backgrounds.
It’s better, but still, you didn’t have much to begin with.

Send screenshots to customer support.

I think the best thing is to Take screen of everything and forward it to the Support Team.

this was great answer emmaki, thanks you so much, i am now level one soon going to be level two, and i have also posted my success story please dont forget to write your precious comment on that too.

misscrystal, thanks for your help i made my way on success now am level one, and much satisfied

very thanks lulzpedia.

yes, i agree. Fiverr is a place for Buyer not for sellers. Fiverr gives many facilities to Buyer.