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Blackmailed into giving up my assests Lol

so a guy bought basic offer for me
without contact me or asking if i can actually do the extact job and he is extremely detailed

i make CGIs he wanted a girl CGI holding a inchtape now making most objects in cgi are easy but inchtape was hard to make and the guy bought 5$ gig which clearly says basic cgis

but i still put in few hours made CGI as best i could made a inchtape and delivered my order and than nicely told the guy that since its your first fiverr order its nicer to send a message to seller and discuss the order and details first

i have done job that i usually do for 50$ for him for just 5$

HE STILL ASKED FOR REVISION and now wants assests so he can recreate the cgi
this is making me feel like i am getting blackmailed

i am new on fiverr and i have 3+ years of working in animation and cgi
fiverr is just part time job for me because i buy alot of stuff from fiverr so i thought i should make some money here and spend it here anyway this whole scene has made me feel very sad

i have given up my work i told him i will give him assests and he can also have the cgi that i made

and i am still afraid he will ruin my perfect 5* rating

i wish there is anybody that i can talk to that can guide me how to deal with such peoples

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Why would you do this? If your skills and services have a $50 value, why would you sell those services for only a measly $5? Take confidence in your work. If you establish prices, stick to those prices. There is no good reason to offer your services at such a crazy discount.

Did you offer or agree to unlimited revisions? Because, if you did, he isn’t blackmailing you. If you didn’t offer unlimited revisions, then say no, and let your no, be no.

Unfortunately, you’re not going to make any money here, if you sell $50 worth of work for only $5.

You don’t need a perfect rating to be successful here. Nor is he required to provide you with such a rating, just because you want it. Do the work he hired you to do, and say, “no” to anything he did not hire you to do. Then, accept any review he gives you, and move on. You can’t please everyone 100% of the time.

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thanks alot of your jonbass reply :slight_smile:

i am new to fiverr and i am learning to list my gigs
other than this experience i am truly happy with fiverr it was just an experiment and i listed some gigs and they started selling and i mostly met nice peoples ( except this last guy )

and yes i had 1 revision in the gig i couldn’t get it to 0 for some reason ( probably because i dont know how to)

also initial gig is listed for 5$ than it tierup ( 5$ if for basic 1 character ) if there are more peoples in scene i charge more usually peoples send a message before most other customers so i was able to explain to them what my skills can do and how much it will cost them and what i cant do i refused peoples and guided them to look for relevent (mostly sculpters) software experts to fullfill their demands

i also given him my assests that he wanted so i hope he is happy with that

now only thing i need help is how to block somebody so they cant buy any more gigs from me or how to cancel a order ( also are those things going to effect on my exposure to other customers )

and again thanks jonbaas for taking your time out and replying <3

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