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BlackMailer Buyers


So here is this guy who was sending me messages and haven’t started an order.

He was sending one message and then disappearing for 2, 3 weeks. So today I told him that I cannot work with you like this, because you are not responding on time. Therefore you can hire someone else to do your job.

He got angry by this and said that I am showing bad altitude, thus he threatened me that he had reported me to Fiverr.

I have also reported him to Fiverr. Now I am waiting what will happen next.

That is how some buyers are trying to take advantage of Fiverr reporting system. I wonder how can we handle these type of people.

Indeed this type of experiences are a pain.


Well, to be honest that person wasn’t wrong.

He didn’t order anything from you and he can take as much time as he want to respond, he doesn’t owe you anything.

And you did show bad attitude, if you didn’t want to work with him you could’ve just black him and that’s it, instead of that you decided to write to him something potentially insulting. Your buyer is right, that is very unprofessional. And nowhere he was blackmailing you, maybe you need to read the definition of word “blackmailing”

P.S messaging buyers now like this and chasing them without them asking is considered as spam.
On the good note if you just used “report” button on the messaging most likely nothing will happen for you.


How telling someone you can’t work with him is insulting?

Sorry, not blackmailing but he was threatening me. How is it fair that you hang up somebody for a month and then if he says something you starts threatening him?

As you said you can black some one if you don’t want to work with him, I also experienced a buyer who threatened to report me because I was not responding (due to his unresponsiveness) to him and according to him wasting his time.

I didn’t spammed him or messaged him first, he was texting again after a month that is why I responded to him.


Why did you go to message him if he wasn’t answering for weeks?

I had many buyers that messaged me to ask something and they come back after month or so and we work together then…


Actually he himself messaged me today.

This was his second time responding to me after 2 weeks so I said you are not responding quickly that’s why i will not be able to work with you. And he got offended by this.

I believe these are some kind of people who enjoys threatening others. They knew that sellers are afraid of reporting so they play such cards.


be passionate bro…


Again he can take as much time as he need to respond to you, and it’s very unporoffessional to tell him that you are not going to work with him because he is slow to respond. (You never know what going on in his life. I have corporate clients that take longer to respond because they have to discuss every decision with a team of people)

If You you didn’t want to work with him you could’ve reply something less offensive like “I’m sorry but I’m afraid I wouldn’t be the right person for this job”, that’s it.

But You got personal and offensive to him so he just replied on your rudeness. Every action has a reaction. If you start a fight be prepared that someone can punch you back. (And I’m on the side of the buyer in this situation to be honest)

You might need to change your work ethics not to get into situations like this.


You probably be right in your stance, but, if he is not responding to you, just let it be. you are not getting LATE on anything. there was no need to message him saying you cannot work with him. Its rude.


Yeah we learn from mistakes, I will take care next time.


You really need to be careful bro.
In this case_ if you eventually get a warning(which I hope you won’t) you actually initiated the warning for yourself.

But i still think you are right though I won’t do that.
Since you noticed that the seller is poor in communication you have the right to say you will not like to work with the buyer.

Even for no reason, you have the right to decide whom you’ll like to work with.
Though being polite isn’t optional.
It’s a Must!!!


Because you were not working with him at all since he didn’t place an order. You shouldn’t be contacting people unless they have placed an order, regardless of whether they have talked to you in the past about something.

Someone doesn’t message you for two or three weeks who has never ordered from you and you send a message saying you can’t work with him like this?

It’s kind of amusing.


He contacted me again, I didn’t chased him.


You should have sent him a custom order or told him to place an order and then stopped chatting with him.

Don’t continue to talk to people endlessly when they won’t order.


I do believe that you did come off a certain way. Because he didn’t order anything from you, there was nothing to worry about. I wouldn’t worry about it too much but from here on now, just be aware of what you say to others. Especially, since the way of communication is through this site rather than on the phone or in person. Really, you didn’t even need to say anything to him. He does have the right to wait to place an order. He might be comparing you to other gigs. Who knows.

Sending a message like: “Hello, I wasn’t sure if you were still interested in my gig or not. I saw that you had some interest and we did speak before about it but I would like to know if there is anything that I can do for you right now. If we proceed further with this order, timely communication is necessary so that you get the best quality ASAP. Let me know if you are interested and we can get started. Thank you.”

I feel like this sounds better and there isn’t any urgency for his response. This way, you do say that if you were to begin the project that the communication between you both needs to be better.

If anyone disagrees, let me know. This could also benefit me if I were to experience this myself.


yes we learn from out mistakes. Never mind, Be honest, Stay focused.


My own opinion is that it’s better to not send a message at all. Buyers will contact you if they want to. I have been on both sides of this fence as a buyer and a seller. I hate it when a seller contacts me out of the blue to press me about a purchase. Some of my own best clients are people who run multiple businesses and they sometimes disappear for weeks at a time. I don’t message them and they still always come back.

I suggest leaving buyers alone entirely if they don’t contact you. If they never come back they may have found a seller they felt was a better match for them. If they do come back and are pleasant, they may turn out to be great customers. If they come back and you’ve decided you don’t want to work with them, ignore them or block them if absolutely necessary.


I would have a lower opinion if a seller wrote to me after a brief chat asking if I wanted to hire him. And it would put me in an uncomfortable position to have to say no.


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