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Blackmailing and buyer favored Customer Supoort

I came across a buyer who asked to me cancel the order after getting the completed work. He gave me 2 options, I should either cancel the order or get a negative review. The buyer also mentioned that he has got the funds back from another seller by contacting support and he’ll once again do so to get his money back. But, I’m not ready to cancel the order after completing the work 100%.

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So, I contacted the Fiverr CS. After going through the conversation, the support person said he will discuss with the buyer and get back to me. He also said that the buyer can leave bad review if he wants ( here its blackmailing ) .But, since then I haven’t heard anything from them… Now after a week the order was cancelled by the support. I haven’t contacted them again because I knew what their response will be.

I think fiverr is a good place to get some work done free of cost. As a buyer you can easily get your money back by mentioning you are not satisfied with the work.
There is no guarantee that a seller will have credits for his work even if its 100% completed. The fiverr team will never accept that they have a buyer favored system.

It’s better to find another platform for freelancing.

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Is there any chance to increase gigs prices? You are offering a lot for low price and that is magnet for those type of buyers.

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