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Blackmailing at Fiverr!

hello all i just wana tell you all that now a days some buyers are blackmailing seller for the negative reviews just because of fiverr policies and rules are all in favour of buyers.
yesterday a buyer came and bought a service, upon delivering he blackmailed me and said i will give you the worst feedback with one star and blah blah. and was demanding more. at last he gave me a 1 star worst feedback in my entire life…although all my feedbacks are 100% positive.
after that i did what he said and he promised i will remove the feedback. now he is gone with the delivery and customer support guy is saying we cant remove that ask the buyer to modify it.
now because of that one single review my profile got degraded back to level 0 as on 15 they evaluate profiles and my extra gigs got deleted too.
this is justice this is humanity.
didnt expected someone who can ruin ones profile and ranking with just a 5 bucks ! shame


That’s really awful, I can feel your pain. Try to contact support again and escalate your issue.

I would have refunded the order. Order completion rate is higher to increase than rating. I learned this the hard way.

Before this BS system, I wanted to decrease cancellations, I thought “I have so many positive reviews, a few bad reviews won’t accept me.” I was wrong.

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Act professional, first contact CS,then if nothing just refund the a buyer and do not give him what he order,you must be professional about that stuff and not take it personally do not accept bullying, you must know there is 10 cool buyers who have manners and respect , therefore there is 1 negative person who will try everything it can to break you because his life (sucks) :)-
Chin up brother


i contacted again and they said we cant remove that ask ( beg) before buyer! what the hell … the buyer isnt removing that so means i should beg?

bro the buyer just came to do that shit and he planned to do that, as anyone can do that i can come to your profile and order a service then after you deliver i will leave a negative review and feedback what can you do then?
i acted professionally and asked him i wana refund i dnt need 5 bucks. he said i dnt need the money back and i will for sure give a bad feedback!
i tried to cancel the order many time and he rejected the cancel as its a shit system and you will have to ask the buyer once to cancel the damn order

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If he automatically give you bad review he is probably a very bad person who want to ruin your business but you can maybe come back to him and professionaly ask him to full refund him if he can change the review or offer him something extra.

If nothing works then just move on and learn.

:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: really disapointed,

fiverr is just upgrading and always has favored the buyer. never the seller!
seller cant do anything even cant cancel the order on its own!
seller cant refund. its always mutual.and always a destructive process for individual gig.
seller if tries to cancel its destruction of gig
seller if argues with buyer its voilation.
seller if receives a bad feedback because of someone’s bad mind he cant do anything else just to beg before him.
seller can be blackmailed for bad reviews
seller always wait for 15 days to receive payment, while the buyer receives the delivery immediately.
sellers are degraded by level system and gig is degraded while buyers can still play with you!
and the list goes on !


yes minhaz! fiverr is doing all this cos they need just money now!

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their message is the buyer hasnt done anything wrong and we dnt find anything wrong with his review! great.
means we can blackmail anyone here. just order and when they deliver give them 1 star and worst review and destroy their whole profile!

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Spot on. You said it all.

If they keep up at this rate they will lose sellers which in the end will result in lower revenue for Fiverr.

Sometimes I think to myself that I would earn more and have less stress while working some other job. By the time Fiverr takes their 20%, my country its share and by the time I pay taxes I earn an average montly revenue, and that is if I had a ‘‘good’’ month.

There is a lot more improvement needed for Fiverr to step up their game. However, I have to say that compared to its beginnings Fiverr did extremely well. Keep in mind that Fiverr is run by people who are imperfect just like the rest of us. Let us be patient and give them time to consolidate everything. We just have run our accounts whereas they have to run a machinery like Fiverr :smiley:


yes they are running fiverr, but instead of running it like this they should better sell it to someone else!
they shouldn’t ever destroy sellers rights!

now they are hidding messages!

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No, Fiverr is not doing that - I did it.
You are spamming the forum with the same stuff over and over again.
You shared your opinion/experience here - no need to put it everywhere.


ok you did a great job. but if you are that great, help me in my case too!

Ok, despite your attitude I will give some advice.

Don’t let yourself be blackmailed. When someone threatens a negative review go to customer support at that point, before you even respond to them - they are breaking ToS and reporting it puts you in a good position.

Besides the above, take note that there are not nice people in the world and that every business will come up against them at some point. Learning to deal with them is key to survival.


Typical, not surprising

:confused: fiverr customer support isnt customer support they should be called as fiverr buyer support


That might be your experience but it is not mine.
I can also tell you that there are plenty of buyers who come to the forum to moan about CS too