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Blackmailing guys help me

A buyer give me order of gmail id’s on fiver by my logo gig .he contacted me on fb now I complete his second order and he is trying to blackmail me

Why are you creating gmail IDs? Isn’t that against Google’s ToS, and Fiverr’s?

If a user is threatening you, pass it on to CS.

Added - how would a buyer know to order gmail ids on a logo design gig?
Why not cancel the order if it wasn’t something you do?
This all sounds very strange.


Actually I’m new on fiverr and want more reviews he contacted me on face book. And say he need id’s for marketing

He asked me that he pay me through fiverr gig

Definitely take it to customer services - I’m sure they’ll do the right thing for you!


Where is the cs .I don’t know .plz guide me

Oh the CS link’s at the bottom of every page, along with ToS link - how did you miss them?

Never mind - here’s the link for CS - just tell them the whole story, and I’m sure they’ll do what they need to do:


Wait. So you are offering a service completely different to your gig in a bid to get fake reviews?


Not sure customer support will love you to be honest.


Come now, let him talk to Customer Support, I’m sure they’ll handle things properly!


I’m sure they will!


You are the seller with the picture of a government issued ID card showing as work you did for someone.

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Link pls? He must be a kid, I hope CS helps him.