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Blackmailing - tell me your advice

It’s another time I had this experience that the buyer told me to do more than agreed so he will leave a 5-star review… I’m super frustrated about it. And the worst thing is that I can’t do anything as I will lose anyway.
Do you have any bits of advice?

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Take a screenshot of the conversation, highlighting the blackmail and attach it to a CS ticket. They’ll deal with it.


You can tell him that unfortunately blackmailing is strictly forbidden on fiver as per fiverr TOS that they signed and you did everything as agreed and you are happy to make changes but not a new scope of work. That new requirements will cost him x amount.
And of course make a screenshot and send it immediately to fiverr CS, they are quite strict with blackmailing. But do mention to them that you wouldn’t want to cancel the order because you already completed al the work


I’m so sorry this happened to you!
Communication with this buyer, how you communicate, is everything at this time.

Unfortunately a lot depends on how badly you need that 5 star review.

I as someone who does not tolerate that kind of thing would send the buyer a notice that I will do exactly what my gig offers. I wouldn’t mention anything about a review just as if he never said that.


But in this case, where buyer clearly blackmailed her, fiverr CS might remove that review.

However @paula311 I wouldn’t rely on that because it’s 50/50 chance


I would be thinking they might cancel the order but who knows.

One thing any seller must never do is say even one word about any review no matter what the buyer says.


Y don’t you just take a ss and share to the cs ? @paula311

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Thank you all for the advice! :heart: I was a bit lost what should I do in that case as I just didn’t want to lose future clients because of the bad review that was unjust. Now I know what should I do. Thank you again!