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Blank Buyer Request Page

It’s almost been a month since i got downgrade into unlevel seller. And fiverr said that they would evaluate us every month in 15th. But, since that time, my Buyer request page are filled with Blank.( there was just about 3-5 max. in some day, then they would dissapear).

Anyone can explain this to me?
I’ve got the answer from Customer Service, but, they aren’t answer my question.

Thank you

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Here’s some info which may help:

I was in a similar situation of seeing about 5 max a day (depends on your category etc.). If you can get back up to level 1, you should go back to seeing hundreds again.

Fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:

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So, based on that information, we must pay over to get promoted so the buyer might notice that we are here, lol.

Or you might had any suggestion to that?

No - I’m not saying that.

You could try (free methods) marketing your gigs off-Fiverr to see if you can bring any new clients onboard?

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I didn’t know that before, any suggestion for that?

Thank you in advance

Video slideshow on YouTube to show off your smashing illustrations? :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, i’ve did some research for that, but it might seems controvertionall, people said that it was illegall but some other are agreed with that idea.:rofl:

But i think i might try it instead.

Again, thank you for advices.


How could it possibly be illegal?

They’re your illustrations, so not a problem. I can see there would be a problem if you used somebody else’s illustrations though.

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That’s make sense!!
I’ll try best way to make that promotional material.


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