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Blank revision request

I’ve said before that I absolutely despise the Collaboration tool. It can’t be viewed on the App, buyers can’t use it properly, images can’t be copy/pasted from it, etc.

Today I received a revision that looks like it was sent through the Collaboration tool. Except there is nothing there.

It looks like another manifestation of the inbox/delivery bug when there’d be a delay between the message being sent and then appearing. But my messages go through just fine and after 6 hours, the buyer’s “comments” are still not there.

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You’ll need to warn buyers not to use the collaboration tool. And hope they can communicate what they want to you some other way. I feel for you, all these bugs.

I was thinking about it but I don’t know how to word it safely. “Please don’t use the Collaboration tool when requesting a revision. Send your revision as plain text instead” may sound like I’m asking to not request a revision at all, just send me a comment on the order’s page. So there is a 100% chance that the order autocompletes in 3 days. It can be considered as a manipulation/abuse of the delivery button/whatever, can it not?

I absolutely despise that thing. 90% of buyers have trouble using it. It never came absolutely blank before, though.


Perhaps something along the lines:

Apologies but I am unable to see the review information. Would be able to put the required changes in the order chat so I can continue working on this please?

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I took care of that message already.

I meant how could I word a request to all my buyers to just avoid using Collaboration altogether. That’s a tricky part.

That’s a difficult one as I am sure CS wouldn’t appreciate suggesting to prospective buyers that their website isn’t working correctly. Perhaps just bearing it for the moment and just waiting for a fix to be implemented, raising a support ticket each time it happens would also contribute so Fiverr are aware of the issues.

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UPD: CS says it doesn’t look like a bug on their end. There just isn’t any information submitted either accidentally or deliberately. Which makes me more uncomfortable than if it was just a bug.

Can you even send a revision request via Collaboration tool without putting anything at all in there?

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Let’s see if they send the revision request so that you can actually see it somehow. You could also send them that screenshot on the order page to have a record of what you got from them.

I did send the screenshot. CS says it doesn’t look like the “message delay” bug. But they also say that it’s not possible to deliberately send a request like this without putting anything at all in there. The system wouldn’t let it go through. So I’m asked to wait for 24 hours and contact them again if nothing happens.

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If the client didn’t do it deliberately they will find a way to do send you the info you need for the revisions.

Yes, absolutely. I’m just frustrated. CS tells me to wait a lot these days.