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I don’t know man, my obsession with bleep led me to drop out of college. I would say bleep all you want, but first get your STEM degree, do your MBA from Harvard/Wharton, get a job in Goldman Sachs, settle down in the US, and you will have the prettiest young women in India competing to marry you and have your kids. Then you can have fun. All the best :+1: [Well, that was how my life was intended to be…]

When you were ten . . . :boy:t3: :girl:t3:
When you were ten . . . :boy:t3: :girl:t3:
When you were ten . . . :boy:t3: :girl:t3:
When you were ten . . . :boy:t3: :girl:t3:

I loathe Goldman Sachs. I also don’t like women who would compete for me because of my money, because I consider every woman who does that a bleep. I don’t like to see a woman as a transaction.
Oh, and I don’t like kids. There are very few exceptions.


It’s more about jobs/title/education/position/US residency than about money with Indian women. Had it been just about money, trust me, I would be getting a plenty of bleep, I come in the top 5% of even the US population by net worth, forget Indian population. LOL.


Don’t sell yourself short. I believe you are secretly a mass bleeper and Mr. Nice Guy here on the forum :wink: . For myself I know I bleeped an awful lot during my bleeping lifetime :slight_smile:


LOL, no, nobody considers me a Nice Guy in real life. My relatives/neighbors/etc. think I am super arrogant, selfish, self-centered or something. Maybe I am. Don’t care what anyone thinks anyway.

Did you know when I was applying for a job in my 20s and a headhunter called me to congratulate me that I got the job and that the salary was so and so, and asked my what I felt - he expected me to be grateful to him, treat him like was my savior or something - I told him, yeah, I will take the job, but really, I could pay that salary myself to the company, thanks anyway.

I never lasted for too long in any company I have been with because of my arrogant attitude. Online is the only place where I have been able to last.


The 10-year old me is giggling because I am inserting the word “poop” where you guys are saying bleep.


How do you know if they are doing that or really like you? Or do you assume they all are?


As a teacher, I know how much kids love potty humor. :poop: :joy: :rofl:


This reminds me on a job interview I had in my early 20th. During the interview I decided that I wouldn’t like the company, nor the job they offered me. Thus I had to find a quick way out of the situation. So when they asked me what salary I had in mind I said:

“Here is how it works:You tell me what you have in mind, then we have a good laugh about that and then I tell you what I want.”

Thankfully, they never approached me again.


I’m quite sensitive. I spot a gold digger within minutes and I always come forward very directly and state that here is nothing to dig for.


Mind you India is a lot different from other countries, getting a bleep here is very complicated. It is an elaborate process. You have the bleep for a few weeks or months and tell the young lady that you want to break up with her, she can have you arrested and put in jail for various reasons which I don’t want to talk about here.


I used to relish firing the ‘I don’t need this job’ people. No offense but people who have that attitude seem to only ever shatter the dynamic of workplaces. It’s really toxic and unnecessary and very disrespectful. I’m surprised at you, Writer.


MGTOW - Join the movement!


Well, I just told you the truth, don’t judge me for it. That’s why I have never lasted at an offline job. Online is the only place where I do well because I have no expectations and am not in face-to-face contact with anyone and am surprised everytime with what I make.


Hmmm, what does that stand for?


Misogynist toward women.


MGTOW movement is full of people who hate women and think not being with women is a choice. Me - I love women and hate the fact that I am not with one, and blame myself for it. Had everything gone to plan, things would turn out differently.


It is most certainly not. It is simply about only pursuing relationships in which both members are financially independent. Nothing misogynistic about it. It just so happens that it culls your worth on the dating circuit. Plus many women would be wise to employ the very same dating strategy.


It is being considered for entry into the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders , Fifth Edition.

Feeling you can tell immediately if a woman is a gold digger is really whether you admit it or not to yourself based on if you find her attractive, fun to be with, and someone you want to bleep. If not, but she is showing she really is interested in you, she must be a goldigger.


Yeah, funny what comes and goes out of that old thing, belief in magic, homosexuality, religion, not being racist.

Probably not the best annual publication to use as the basis of any interpretation of modern-day