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Blind Guy -- How to post Gigs?

Can someone maybe bump this one up to the tech support, as I can’t find a contact for them.

Anyway, went blind 3 years ago, so using a screen reader now. Trying to post a gi, but it’s impossible. Get through the first page, but on the second page where you define packages and priving, it’s a no go.

I can enter package name and description, but that’s it. There are no form fields (textbor select list) for delivery time, price, or revisions. Is there any way a blind guy can submit gigs on Fivver, or am I SOL?



Wow. This is a really interesting question. I’m not visually impaired myself. In this case, I’m not familiar with how easy or not the Fiverr UI is to navigate with a screen reader. That said, I imagine it would be very difficult.

I think that your best option here would be to type up your gig descriptions in a word document and with each, detail what prices and package options you would like to offer. I’d then send this as an attachment to an email to customer service. I don’t have their email address on hand, but maybe someone else can post it.

In your email itself, I’d explain your situation and ask if it would be at all possible for someone on their side to create your gigs for you.

As far as I know, this is the first time this subject has come up on the forum. In this case, customer service may not be able to do this. (I’m just speculating.) However, I would imagine that this may be possible and I would hope that thy would be keen to support you.

If this is possible, your next (and hopefully) last problem, will rest with creating and uploading images or videos to promote your gig. On that note, though, I’m sure that if you created a thread here on the forum explaining what you do, people would be happy to help create images for you. There is even a poll feature you could make use of to have the community vote for which designs they think are the best.

I hope that these suggestions help. Also, please keep us updated on your progress. It will be interesting to follow your story and I sincerely hope you do find a way to start selling.


Email for CS:


You can send an email to
It’s easier to navigate than the support center.


You may find it easier to only have the one package, so you can offer extras with that for higher priced options.


I’m so sorry to read that Fiverr is inaccessible, but not surprised.


This is a big issue with my platforms. The easiest option would maybe be to get help from a friend or family member to set up your gigs. But in order to use the platform effectively when you receive orders, you need a platform that is accessible. So even if you manage to set up your gig, your screen reader might not work well with the inbox, or the order page etc.

So no matter what you do, you should reach out to the customer support about this issue. Maybe something will be done to correct this in the future.


It would be best to ask someone to do that for you.