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Blind proposals from fiverr sellers

What is fiverr’s policy on blind bidding on projects?
In the past, I was warned by fiverr for politely telling seller’s off when they submitted blind proposals that wasted my time going through them. similarly, fiverr should enforce a policy on sellers restricting them from submitting blind proposals on posted “Requests”. This will show fiverr buyers that fiverr is not only protecting sellers!
I have posted a request and asked that no one submits blind proposals, as I don’t have time to go through disqualified proposals that are irrelevant to my request. however, I still get these irritating proposals! Shouldn’t there be a way to report them???


Hi. These copy-paste responses can be a nightmare for buyers. As a seller, I rarely use the function at all, but I totally agree with you. There should be a report function of some sort. The problem is that all these reports has to go somewhere. And Fiverr relies heavily on automation. So that would be an issue.

With that being said, I think most buyers will avoid those copy-paste responses. This means that the sellers who won’t put the time needed into their marketing in the request section will get less sales. This is basically a free market economy. The sellers who do their job properly, provides excellent service, and craft personalized responses, will get more orders.

So in one way, the system works perfectly. In another way, it causes headaches for the buyers who have to x out all the blind biddings just to get to that single proper bid.

I’m a seller, and a buyer, and if there’s something I hate, it’s the copy-pasted responses. I simply ignore them when I go through the bids. I hope everyone else does too.

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As a tip, I prefer to search for buyers manually, then shortlist 2-3 buyers I would like to have a conversation with, and send them a message. This is far more effective than using the request function, because you most likely will get a personalized response, and because you vetted the sellers by checking out their gig before contacting them, you limit the amount of responses to a few, relevant ones, instead of a long list of copy-pasted mumbo-jumbo.


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How refreshing, your post belongs to the probably 0.5% of “Fiverr protects only buyers” vs “Fiver protects only sellers” posts. However, I think they don’t really protect anyone or anything but their terms of service, policies and interests (and thus, indeed, from a different point of view, protect everyone, buyers, sellers, staff).

I can understand quite well that you’re irritated about those blind offers. Whenever I want to buy something, I browse categories/sellers and pick one I expect a good experience with and know they offer what I wanted (or if they offer something similar enough to but not exactly what I want, I ask) so I agree with smashradio’s suggestion.
Fiverr was set up more as a browse and buy experience and the Buyer Request function is probably at its most useful when you can’t find sellers/gigs that offer what you are looking for (but only if you get relevant offers, obviously).

If you prefer to use the Buyer Request function, however, you could use a tactic some buyers apply and ask sellers to mention “some weird phrase like “mushroom soup”” in the first sentence, then you’d just need to skim the first sentences, and could delete/ignore any offers without mushroom soup ;). However, many sellers don’t read buyer requests at all, as they get enough buyers contacting them on their part, and some of those who do might not feel like replying to such requests, so YMMV.


Dude, i m a buyer not a seller!

Much appreciated for your valuable answer