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Blind Review Advice & How to Leave Feedback

Hi Fiverr’ss
I believe feed back comments are actually part of the search algorithm. Its talked about somewhat on here. Even if they are not it’s good practice to do this for customers to remember you.
I’m tired of trying to reinvent the the word thank you… Here are a couple of subtle tips…
“Thank you Mr or Mrs Buyer for using xxxxxxxx and my xxxxxxx service. Appreciated”
-The last words set the tone for the individual buyer-

This is subtle but I believe it’s is helpful in making the customer remember your user name. And makes them believe your not a robot.
Bad file name - “yuk_V1_final.wav”
Good file name -“Steve_Maxell_Yukon_Voice_Over.wav”
-the customer will want to use you again one day. He will come across that file on his cluttered desktop one day. :nerd_face:


Second tip is good, though my file names would be very long as I usually add the delivery date to the customer’s file name, plus, if needed, a file name that makes searching easier, already (but adding the username makes a lot of sense, perhaps I should swap the date for that, or not care about file name length),
first one too, but I’d add to be a bit careful with the wording, always keep buyer privacy in mind (not you, personally)!

And it’s not a review but a thank you note, which is perfect for how the system currently still is, but when Fiverr changes to blind review phase 2, with our review of the buyer only appearing on the buyer’s profile, it would make sense if they make the review more similar to the seller review, something comparable to the “categories” (x stars for communication, x stars for clear instructions, etc.) - may not happen, though. :wink:

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Interesting and very Informative post…Many peoples including me use the word “Thank You So Much” or simple “Thank You” for review, But this post change my mind now…

Thank you Steve_maxell

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I know this works because I get customers attach files sometimes with an name like…
“VoiceOver_Example.mp3” . And when I organise my desktop I can’t remember from whom it’s from.

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I am so lucky to read it earlier, thank you very much for sharing :sparkles::tada:

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