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Blind Review - Allow buyer review first

Since we can’t see the buyer reviews now when we review them. Why do we need to wait. Soon as order is marked complete, let us review the buyer.

Reviews are of buyers are no longer based upon are complete interaction with the buyer, might as well review them right away.


I guess it’s because both sides should have enough time to submit their feedback.
Sometimes it takes buyers a couple of days before they submit their feedback.

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What happens if we decide not to review the buyer? Will we never see the review he left for us?

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Yes, but we can no longer see buyer feedback any longer. So there is no need for us to wait.

I’ve have heard the buyer review will become visible after 10 days, when the seller can no longer submit a reply. Waiting to see if that is true.


When should you close it? 24hrs? 48hrs?
Fiverr wants to make sure that both sides have time to give their feedback before it’s revealed.

Yes, both sides give feedback. But why can’t sellers review buyers after order is closed. We are still required for the buyer to leave a review before we can. That is my point.


Here’s how it works. Both sides can review as soon as they want, but the system will wait 10 days before buyer’s review is revealed if there’s no feedback from the seller. To my understanding as soon as both sides provide their feedback it’s made public. There’s only waiting time if either side is not providing the feedback instantly.
(Taken from the staff’s post)

Feedback That Goes Both Ways

We are moving to a blind feedback system. What this means is that sellers will be asked to provide their feedback working with a buyer before receiving the feedback the buyer left. This is meant to assure feedback that is honest, independent and free from bias. Sellers’ feedback on buyers is extremely important to our ability to keep the integrity of Fiverr and provide sellers with better experience and protection. You can expect additional features in the coming future.
If a seller does not review the buyer from a specific transaction, the buyer’s review will be revealed 10 days after order completion. Once the sides have provided their feedback, their reviews will be made public and will be locked from further changes.


What @orcatek is saying, is that sellers are not allowed to review buyers unless they do it first. So, if buyers don’t review sellers first, sellers will never be able to review buyers.


That’s why you need to wait 10 days. You don’t know how much time it takes for a buyer to review.
It wasn’t possible to review buyers before they provided their feedback either.

What’s the point of leaving reviews for the buyers if they don’t review you? Nobody’s going to check those anyway

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No we cannot review as soon as we want as seller. I just verified. The buyer must review first.


I’m not saying otherwise, I was just clarifying what @orcatek was asking :wink:

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What’s the point of reviewing buyers at all. Since you can’t check out a buyer. Seller reviews of buyers allowed us to reply to their praise or concerns. Now we can’t, so we might as well just review buyers based upon, got order, did order. Most buyers the only other communication is via the review, which we don’t have any more.

Unless buyer leaves a review there is no point reviewing them :slight_smile:

Look, these hidden reviews make no sense to me either, but I do agree that sellers don’t need the option to leave feedback unless buyer has provided theirs. The problem is not that seller has to wait, the problem is that they can’t see the feedback before giving theirs.

My approach to the whole system is not to leave any feedback as a seller. The only point for me was to react to buyer’s feedback and since this is not possible there’s no need for my feedback.


I agree. Is there any way to actually respond to a review publicly? I used to like saying something specific or respectfully addressing something negative that was left in a review so other potential buyers could see it.

The new system forces you to guess what the buyer will say.

That’s the whole point of a blind review. :slightly_smiling_face:

It was said that sellers would be able to add a reply to the buyer’s review,but I don’t think it’s been introduced yet.