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Blind review really makes buyers shop blindly

Hi Fiverrs,

My sincere apologies for the long rant in advance. But I have to. I don’t write on forums usually, just casually read, like and write a few responses every now and then, but now I really have a reason to post.

So there was a buyer that ordered a translation from me (yay!), a special OSD format file with existing French, Spanish, Italian, English, Russian and Chinese translation that needs German translation to be added on the end of each string. When you open it it all looks pretty much like HTML, but more difficult, like programming kinda stuff, especially with those other languages added, looks real difficult.

I think to myself, okay… I don’t usually do these kind of things, but will not cancel this (because it will affect my ratings) - I’ll try to get the job done - doesn’t matter how hard it is.

Translation was input into these strings using common sense and of course, I also asked the buyer for more instructions on how to complete the order exactly to his/her instructions, because the instructions were not 100% clear the first time, right? So I get the instructions, deliver the order within 24 hours, communicate thoroughly and finish with best care possible! Everything looks lovely jubbly, right? :slight_smile:

I thought to myself, the buyer must be thrilled. :sunny: Oh boy, was I happy - definitely yet another shiny review. :sunny:

…and then this blind review system says, buyer left feedback on your order, write yours and I’ll show you what your buyer wrote. Okaaay. There was nothing wrong with the buyer, communication was okay, the buyer even highlighted the words that were not clear to me whether they should be translated or not. Great! :slight_smile: … just wrote simply “Thank you!” as my review.

…to be completely surprised to hear something completely different in buyers review.
That I “didn’t translate the entire document”, that “I’ve done it wrong” etc. etc.
Buyer never contacted me to try to correct this if there even was something wrong. It looked more as someone from competition that tries to lower my ratings on purpose. Makes no sense.

So in this case I couldn’t express and most importantly defend myself in these types of cases and tell my side of the story. Now that feedback stands there on my profile, looking pretty silly, with my nonchalant and arrogant 5-star “Thank you!” below a negative 2 star review.

I also don’t believe that buyers are going to be happy with this.
They also want to read the rational side of the story and I believe that they also judged some sellers based on reading their side of the story, to see what exactly went wrong there.

My conclusion is that this blind review system looks also like a handicap to buyers - if you put yourself in buyers shoes.


Please see update on the review system from 10-16-18: Gig feedback and reviews