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Blind Review System, New Update I am confused more than ever

Fiverr today announced new update to there blind review system, I checked read 5-6 times and understand none of it. Can some body explain this to me, People kinda seems happy but i am totally confused. You can point out where i am wrong (even if it means i am wrong every times).

I am breaking that update down just to point out how i read it.

Make me curious want to read more.

In my opinion it is not a good idea, specially when seller left negative review. If i am buyer i don’t want that thing on my page and it will encourage me to go some where else for my work (means different website)

Why?? why we can’t respond as soon as buyer give review, like what different does it make? and why it will not be on the gig page, Potential buyer read the review specially negative review and our response to it. You are expecting potential buyer to go and read our response on buyer page. That not going to happened. It defeat the purpose. For me it is kinda crazy.

This is i don’t know? Attempt to save the horrible blind review instead of taking it back. I my self some times buy on fiverr and only thing i know about the process is buyer review and seller review. I can not possible understand the communication between buyer and seller for me as buyer that thing will be out of context and will not make any sense.

I can be wrong about all of it. So please explain why this update is good. When i read it, I was thinking fiverr is just trying to save this crazy idea. But then i read other people response and these people have thousands of order so they have more experience than me in dealing with situations like this. and they seems happy and that make me think may be i don’t get it.

I am thinking may be i just don’t understand in a right way.
You can comment below and take me out of my misery. I will be honest with people That’s what i was expecting. I was expecting fiverr to roll out some update to save this crazy idea instead of taking it back. May be my biases are influencing my understanding?



I’ve seen this sentiment here before and I disagree.

The site this was inspired by has this implemented and it has worked pretty good for years. There is a universal understanding that the buyer with a multiple completed projects and a rating lower than 4 is someone you should think about getting involved with, especially if it’s a bigger, more expensive project.

If the seller finds the buyer difficult to work with but manageable they’ll leave the higher rating to get the buyer to come back. And in my experience with this system elsewhere if the buyers behavior is 1-2* worthy and is publicly rated as such they don’t care and never fail to find another unfortunate soul who is desperate for money and will work despite the ratings.


Some of point i agree with you and some i don’t

The way i see fiverr as not the place of big project. I see fiverr where people are selling there gig means they are not doing some mega project.

In here you have bulk order not one mega project. So i don’t think it is good idea here.
I am ok with giving rating, But i am ok with leaving feedback on buyer page.

I dont see fiverr as that other site you mentioned some thing which work there may not work here.

I checked your profile you have more experience than me. May be i am wronng.

But thanks for the reply. and what about other things which i mentioned in my thread.

With the introduction of milestones and the overall prices going up I’d argue bigger projects is what fiverr’s aiming for. Depends on your own definition, but for me every buyer with the $200-$300 job and up is someone I’d appreciate a heads-up about.

I don’t have an opinion on “respond to review” part of it. It’s a lot of he said/she said and often enough a response to the negative review is as juvenile and emotional as the review itself. Which is probably one of the reasons why this feature got taken away. As long as I can rate the buyer and make my rating visible and reflected in the overall rating, I’m fine with the new system.

Where was info about this update posted? I can’t find it :frowning:

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Just click on the link in the OP’s post where he is quoting from it, for all the information.

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Hope you find it, i was waiting for that update

yes blind a client review . update a fiverr customer services


I think the new rating system is flawed. Only the buyers rating is shown on the sellers page. The response is not shown automatically. But if you have enough trouble with the client you can just block them.

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I think having a buyer’s rating displayed with comments will give the buyer more accountability. I like this idea! I wanna know who I am working with and if they are worth working with. :slight_smile:

I think you misunderstood this part. :arrow_up:

About 2 weeks ago, there was a change to the review system: they made sellers incapable of responding to buyers’ reviews AFTER they were made visible in the review section of sellers’ gigs and profiles.

This :arrow_up: means that they are bringing this option back! Yay! Right?

I think you misunderstood this part, too. :arrow_up:

Notice the :arrow_up: use of the words “gig page”. Whose gig page? Of course, the seller’s gig page! The response to a buyer’s review will now show under the buyer’s review in the seller’s own gig/profile page (just like how it was before these changes). Potential buyers don’t have to go to the buyer’s profile to see the seller’s response to a buyer review.

In short, they are reverting the changes they made 2 weeks ago and they are bringing it back to how it was before all these changes to the review system were made (edit: reversion — in terms of being able to respond to buyer reviews again!). Except for one difference — sellers will now be able to leave reviews for buyers, too!

I hope you understood :pray:



I’m not reading it like that I’m afraid. (But I could be being ultra-thick today!)

Still blind reviews, so:

  1. Buyer leaves review which enables the
  2. Seller to leave a review for the buyer (but they can’t see the buyer’s review before they leave their review as the seller)
  3. Seller can now see the buyer’s review and can reply to it

Unless as I say, I’m being really thick? :wink:


You are absolutely right. The 3 points that you’ve posted are 100% correct. I am the one who is being thick today lol. I should’ve been clearer.

This :arrow_up: was only referring to the reversion of the current review system (where we are unable to respond to buyer reviews) to a previous state where we were able to reply to them :slight_smile:

I hope that makes sense.

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It does - thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

I wonder why sellers can reply to buyer reviews, but buyers can’t reply to seller reviews? Mind you, the replies could keep going on and on forever I suppose. :wink:

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Thank you, You decided to take me out my misery. I was thinking may be i am not reading it right. Because all the people are happy and i want to throw another tanturam.

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