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Blind review === Trolling at professional level

I was not aware of this blind review system. As I do not have many orders and also do not care about many things. But this is a stupid idea.

As far as I understand this new system. We seller have to left the review with out knowing what buyer says?? This is dumb dumb

Case 1 – Buyer was unresponsive did not give full details. But in the end was happy with the delivery left a good good review
Your Response 1 – Start saying he is unresponsive blah blah, and left him one star review, How bloody stupid you will look in the eyes of your potential buyer. And you will also lose that customer and some other too forever.
Your Response 2 – you left positive review – You are safe just because of luck

Case 2 – Same as first case but this time buyer left negative review
Your Response 1 – Start saying he is unresponsive blah blah, and left him one star review, You are safe just because of your luck
Your Response 2 – you left positive review, he is nice blah blah – You look stupid.

Case 3 – Same as Second case but this time buyer also mentioned some thing specific, but he is wrong about it.
Your Response 1 – Start saying he is unresponsive blah blah, and left him one star review. But you do not address that specific things, reason behind it or any thing. You create doubt in the mind of potential customer and lose potential buyer
Your Response 2 – you left positive review without addressing the specific issue, you look like banana at this point. You create doubt in the mind of potential customer and lose potential buyer

I can go on and on.

I think fiverr is aware of this , that potential buyer can see our messages with the buyer. They can only see buyer review and our response.

What do you think??


I wish I could just leave a blank 5-star review atleast WITHOUT having to leave a text feedback with it. I swear this blind review stuff has to be an April Fool’s joke or something.


You are right it is joke


Excellent Analysis of this new review system. Actually Fiverr is trying to copy ******* [fiverr competitor]
but they don’t know how to properly copy paste something. ******* [fiverr competitor] also shows reviews on a Buyer’s Profile if they have this blind review system but Fiverr didn’t consider it.

Alas, we will have to live with it but thankfully it’sl in beta version and we may see some further variations in this system before it’s officially launched…


You may be right, but i except company like fiver to do at least basic research before dolling out thing.

like what review system is?what is about? what does seller response is about?. check different scenario.
they are trying to fix tab (water issue) by flooding the whole house

this is trolling


Perhaps they never do it before launching any update.


I’ve never heard of ******* [fiverr competitor] until now lol. Just looked them up.

Mod Note: fiverr competitor name removed.


Fiverr still hide reviews from buyer profile!! If i write negative feedback to a buyer then it doesn’t ,matter from buyer side and buyer doesn’t care what review they get from sellers because fiverr still hide reviews from buyers profile.

It’s sad that fiverr always support buyer side.


I am not 100% sure about it but I guess they don’t allow such service to be offered from their platform.

Yes, You yourself is a proof of it lol… But some platforms simply offer a limited set of services. You can talk to their customer support and ask them for clarification.


I agree with hiding the review from buyer profile, buyer can have ranking of some sort but not the seller review.

Because it will drive them away, first they are spending money on fiverr and they are risking that people are leaving negative comment about them for all to see.

There should be some other way but fiverr should not leave seller reveiw on buyer profile.

You are spot on. I agree 100 %. One question most haven’t considered is this. Do Fiverr buyers even care about being reviewed? Maybe Fiverr should send out a survey to every buyer with an active account, and ask them if they have any concerns about this.

I think Fiverr would be surprised at the results.


Sorry i am not agree with you. So what is the value to write review to a buyer? So what is the way to know a buyer good or bad? A buyer can know a seller good or bad from reading reviews but a seller can’t. If i write negative feedback then buyer doesn’t care about it and they can keep cheating with seller again. So my negative review no value here.


You have more experience than me on fiverr. So i think you may be right.

But my guts tell me that it will drive them away.

Second when people order from you they are interested in buyer review and your response.

We only disagree on second part.
Does not matter it is possible i have same opinions as you after having more exposure to these things.

******* [fiverr competitor] and rest of the freelancing websites are mostly IT and Corporate side freelance, they don’t host hundreds of category which Fiverr has.

Mod Note: fiverr competitor name removed.

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This could have been benificial if the reviews would also appear on buyer profile and that would have helped the sellers to choose wheter to work with the buyer or not! Currently I see this feature as headach and nothing else.


I’m still furious about this change, mostly because I cannot believe more than one person thought about this for five seconds and decided it was actually worth doing.

Literally the ONLY people who could potentially find ANY sort of benefit (or, more accurately, enjoyment) from this change are the worst of the worst buyers on Fiverr. They can leave a nasty review while the anxious seller responds with 5 stars.

I hate this change, it’s a horrible idea, and I can’t believe it was taken seriously enough to be discussed, let alone initiated. If Fiverr actually keeps it around after all of the backlash I’m seeing in the forums, I’ll be even more shocked and annoyed.

They already give the buyer an unbelievable amount of power to force sellers to do whatever they want (and Fiverr pretty much ALWAYS sides with buyers, regardless of the situation). This will only worsen the issue.

At best, this is a nuisance that makes review sections and closing out orders awkward and impersonal. At worst, it makes it easier to blackmail sellers and strips us of our ability to defend ourselves publicly.


Fiverr does not need to copy other sites. It has always done things better than other sites.


You put it better than me

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I could write about this forever - haha. I feel like it’s a joke. It is a terrible, terrible idea. I’m pretty sure everyone who has had any kind of success on Fiverr agrees:


I kinda disagree
but fiverr is good platform so far, that’s why fiverr is in the market.
But i think some people on fiverr decided to one thing after another for some reason, without giving it proper thought ,

and as other person mentioned it is surprise that they even discuss it but they actaully implemented it.
So not only they discuss it they came to the conclusion it is good idea

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