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Blind review vs rating confirmation

Hey, after a client accepts the orders and leaves a review, I get this notification X (client) “…left feedback on their order. Rate your experience with the buyer to view their feedback” How can we know what to replay if we can’t see the client feedback? + If the client leaves a bad review, we don’t even know it until we leave a review too and at this point we have no chance to defend with an answer.
I suggested to the fiverr team to add a script where if the client gives less than 5 stars, they recive a notification like “please confirm your 4 stars rating” and click ok if they intended that because a lot of my clients give 4.7 by mistake for examples, instead… they added this blind review. Do fiverr protects his sellers? Because any client can give a negative review without them getting affected but ruin one gig we have worked for months to keep on top on this competitive website.


Well, apparently now we have to give blind reviews, I think is pretty awful for us as sellers. Considering that most of my reviews are actually replies (thanks!), so how am I supposed to reply blindly? Just this morning I replied in Spanish, the client left a review in English (even though the job was in Spanish and we always talked in Spanish). It is akward and unneccesary.


Blind review system now! You have to honestly review your buyer and the experience you had, being able to see his/her review shouldnt matter, it should not affect your review you give to them. Be honest you’ll be fine!

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I’m on fiverr sice 2013 and have more than 3000+ completed orders, me and all my friends selling on fiverr think that it’s a super bad idea.


Blind review? This is the most ridiculous idea on Fiverr yet.


Im not loving it, but it doesnt really matter since fiverr always showed the buyers review anyway. Its not like other places where we can ignore the review and it never shows on our profile :frowning: so really theres not much difference other than you may be leaving your buyer a less than deserved, nice review and they are leaving you a less than desired review. Other than that who cares :slight_smile:

If we, as sellers, could see the reviews the buyers received perhaps the blind system could work. But we can´t, if I have a bad experience as a seller and I leave a bad review no one (besides the buyer) is going to see the review! So, the review system works more as a reply system.

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Oh no, I had hoped this wasn’t happening. I’ve just experienced this for the first time.

Horrible idea Fiverr.

It’s bad enough that there is very little geared up to the protection of the Seller but now this makes it so much worse.

I understand that there will always be changes to improve usability of the site but this isn’t it.


Wait till they make reviewing mandatory… which from reading their official post is coming, they will probably count if you reviewed or not against your seller rating and TRS.

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It’s not nearly as simple as that.

Not if you want to continue to attract future clients. If I as a seller, rated buyers 1 and or 2 stars - I would drive business away. Future, potential buyers would think I was a negative individual.

So how honest can sellers really be without it potentially having adverse affects? Whereas buyers “honest” (and LOL at at that because I have had some pretty dishonest buyer reviews) don’t effect them in any way at all!

Not a fair balance.


We can’t be honest, imagine if you had a store and you hire one guy to sell. You want the seller to be polite with all the clients, if not you will most likely fire him because it’s not going to do your business any good.


There really needs to be like a group of Top Rated Sellers and Top Buyers that have monthly meetings with the Fiverr team via skype or something where the community can be apart of what this website is doing. I just feel like they are doing things that aren’t needed… and nobody wants, which could be remedied by talking to the community who use their website on a daily basis.


This blind review process is absolutely ridiculous for many of the reasons already mentioned. Once again, Fiverr is leaving the seller out to dry.

NO, sellers don’t always give completely honest reviews, it is horrible for business and giving nothing but 5 stars to bad clients only perpetuates bad clients.

As said before, my reviews are often in response to what the buyer said in their review. Thanking them for the kind words. If they give a bad review for no reason, I want to respond. For those that give middle of the road reviews, I sometimes don’t review at all. This is the way a business stays in business.

If anyone gave me a 4 to 5 start review, I would most likely give them a 5 star automatically. Why, because I want them to come back and do more business with me. If a store has a customer come in and they are a little problematic, do they say “I appreciate your business but you weren’t that great to work with”? NO, the customer would never come back. Most of the time, I know based on the interaction during the project if the review would be positive or not, but you don’t always know.

My only negative review is from an order that I delivered on time according to the requirements. The buyer was someone unresponsive to the messages, so if I was honest, I would ding him a little for that (we don’t get to give 4.7), but the reality I would give him a 5, even though he was an average customer. He ended up giving me a 2 for no reason other than he wanted it quicker (even though he never mentioned it). Well, this kind of buyer is not a good one and If I gave him a 5 start it would only go to propagating his destructive attitude toward sellers and this blind review process would not give me a chance to defend myself to the public that reads these reviews.

In short, this is NOT a good business practice. And if Fiverr is serious about this ‘PRO’ movement to give them more validity in the marketplace, then they need to start treating their sellers better. I have other avenues for my business and though I like Fiverr, I don’t have to stay here.

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let say you gave the good delivery.
but buyer still left you negative review.
and you responded with some random word to it was great or some thing like this. How foolish is seller is going to look

and one more thing other people, potential seller can not see your messages.
They only see buyer review and your reply.

This blind review idea is stupid. it is like trolling on professional level


Does anyone at Fiverr follow the forum posts?

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