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Blind Reviews & The Day I Started Censoring Myself

Well, it has started. I have had my first encounter with the new blind review system. - And I have sold out.

A buyer messaged me recently and to be honest, I didn’t want to work with them. They seemed too needy and were clearly only looking to pay the absolute minimum. I went so far as to state that it sounded like they needed an in-depth consultation and that I was afraid I couldn’t offer them this. Then suddenly: Boom! They placed an order, minus any of the information which I told them I would need to complete their work.

This upset me. However, I delivered on this order and as soon as I did, the buyer marked it as complete. Then I received a notification stating that the buyer had left a review. To see it, I would have to leave a review first.

Now, I don’t usually review buyers. In fact, I usually only review buyers if they leave a super nice review or a tip. However, now it is the case that new reviews won’t appear on my gig pages for 10-days until I do. What’s that word? Blackmail?

Anyway, I had to write something and with this order, I guessed that the buyer had a 50/50 chance of leaving a negative review. After all, I had asked them not to place an order with me. The thing is, how would writing anything like that benefit me? My reviews show up on my profile. If I say anything bad about any buyer, this will reflect poorly on me.

So, I left a basic 5-star review thanking the buyer for their order. After I did, I found that the buyer had left a 5-star review of their own and there was a ‘phew’ moment.

My Review of the Review System

For me, the new blind review system is just another needless headache. If reviews of buyers appeared on their own profile pages, the system would be workable. They don’t, though. They just appear on yours.

As for other immediate problems:

  • I think buyers I leave positive reviews (when these are warranted) like these as it adds a personal touch to my overall service standard. Now I can’t offer this.
  • Now things are more time-consuming. Namely, because if I want reviews, I have to dole them out myself, even though doing so serves no practical purpose.
  • I am pretty sure that if I said anything which this buyer might not have liked, they would have reported me to CS.
  • There is still no way for me to check the reviews of buyers left by other sellers

As it is, I think that I will refrain from reviewing buyers at all from now on. It’s too risky to leave buyers anything other than 5-stars and… Well, career suicide really. In cases where a buyer leaves me 1-star, I’m going to look pretty stupid saying “Thank you for your order!” Worse, it will look like I don’t even care to give a buyer a reason why their delivery might not have been to their satisfaction.


This is yet more stress on sellers. It serves no purpose for anyone. Why they continue to come up with diabolical ways to stress sellers is beyond me.

We need to be able to see a review left for us and respond or not respond appropriately. This seems obvious.

People constantly complaining that we should be able to review buyers is the reason for this. We do not need to review buyers. We just need to know if a bad review was left and be able to respond to it.

I wouldn’t say a bad word about ANY buyer, ever. I don’t want the public to see me whining about specific buyers, and naming and shaming them. That’s not exactly going to be a good image. Only if a buyer lies about me in a negative review will I respond to explain what happened.

Can we please go back to the previous method of reviews?


Yet to experience this new update but I already have a bad feel about it.


How can we respond appropriately to buyer’s review if we can’t even see what the review is. This is ridiculous.


We can’t! As simple as that


Normally the first thing I do when I get a notification is check the message drop-down to see if i got a review. As soon as I see a five star I breath a sigh of relief. Seeing a good review is always a motivation for me. Now, you can get a bad review, leave a feedback saying wonderful client and when the clients review becomes viewable you realize its a one star? How do you combat that review? A lot of clients use the way you react to negative feedback as a deciding factor.


I cannot imagine getting a bad review with no way at all to respond. I am amazed that anyone could think that’s ok. The very idea is incredible. What is going on around here lately.


Exactly, the only buyers I review other than buyers who tip, are those who lie in their own reviews of me. Either this or they leave poor reviews after a I have staggeringly over delivered on orders where briefs have changed several times and/or buyers have ordered work which I do not offer.

I can see a practical side to blind reviews but only if buyer and seller reviews appear on their respective profiles.

Once again, the way this works assumes that all sellers have been manipulating reviews and blind reviews make things fairer. They don’t. Also, I don’t really understand why Fiverr needs reviews, secret feedback, and blind reviews, on top of the already removal of any way to change reviews left in error.

This just feels like yet another tier of punishment of the many for crimes committed by the few.


They are hiding our own reviews from us for ten days. I don’t see why this would happen.


Seems like somebody hacked fiverr and updating things their own way lol, today i have lost my level 2 badge because a client sent their mobile number and i refused to accept it…no reply from cs…


Indeed. They could at least give us the option of whether to review a buyer or not immediately.


Though fiverr asking for buyer review based on our overall experience with the buyer during the project but when it display in our gig page(just under buyers review) it seems like we are replying or commenting on buyer’s review which is not correct.


I need to know immediately if a buyer left a bad review so I can block them from ordering again. There must be a good reason to not allow a seller to see a review for ten days but what could it be?

A horrible buyer can wreck a lot of havoc on a seller in that ten day window.


Yeah, I actually went to block the buyer mentioned in my OP. However, they are a seller on Fiverr also and all I can do is hit the report button. I’m not going to do that.

Can you go to their profile and use the “block” button or is that just a report button?

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Fiverr probably hired a lunna recently…Things happening recently are real weirdo

The two bad reviews I’ve gotten were from apparently happy delighted buyers who continued to message me in a friendly way even though they apparently were angry enough to leave bad reviews. I don’t want to be chatting away as if we are old friends with a buyer who, unknown to me, left a negative untruthful review.


When fellow sellers order from you, a block button doesn’t appear on their profile. If someone orders from you who is not a seller, you see a report and block button.

In this case, it is not really possible to block other sellers from ordering your gigs. This is a bit of a headache for me, as my Bitcoin gig gets a lot of fellow sellers trying to outsoure to it. (As was the case with this order). If I block them by reporting them, I might end up looking like a seller trying to take out a competitor.


Actually have reasons to believe that buyers are now exploiting sellers all thanks to Fiverr unrealistic update!

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I just keep wondering who is Fiverr hiring as advisers… :roll_eyes: :frowning_face:

We’re all trapped between a rock and a hard place… :smirk:

Somehow we need to make Fiverr understand that playing with fire is no good, no matter from who’s brilliant mind came out with all these ideas nor how much money did it cost :angry: