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Blind Reviews & The Day I Started Censoring Myself


FIVERR: Seller, you might be reviewed by a Buyer after the order is delivered.

SELLER: Why can’t a Seller access the Buyer reviews as rated by previous Sellers?

FIVERR: The Buyers are the ones paying the money. A Seller might not accept the order of a Buyer with a poor rating.

SELLER: Then why have the function in the first place? And why hide the Buyer rating from the Seller now?

FIVERR: We figure now that the Seller cannot reply with a custom response, then they just won’t make one.

SELLER: But that’s the way the Seller can once again thank the Buyer in a personal, customized way.

FIVERR: Well, now that you aren’t leaving a buyer rating, we are saving lots on bandwidth! So, no need to leave a rating since other Seller’s can’t access it any way.

SELLER: Then why have the “Review the Buyer” function at all?

FIVERR: That’s a great idea! We will be rolling that out next month! Why didn’t I think of that? No more Buyer Reviews!

SELLER: But that’s another touchpoint of outstanding customer service.

FIVERR: Do you know how many sellers are on this platform!

SELLER: I don’t know the number. But I know how they feel.

If you made it down this far in the thread, I want to acknowledge you.

You work hard. Really hard.
You care a lot. More than the average freelancer.

I don’t have any answers, and applaud everyone who has weighed in with suggestions. See you next week when the next percentage of the 100 percent is rolled out.

Warm regards, :sun_with_face::orange_heart:


It seems so obvious we need to keep all negative things off what potential buyers see.

No REPORT button under the seller’s name on their profile.
No NEGATIVE REVIEWS OF BUYERS on the seller’s gigs.

I will explain why. Potential buyers can be skittish and wary. They are looking for reassurance that if they buy a gig it will all be wonderful. Seeing a REPORT button on a seller’s profile tells them they need to be even more scared of being ripped off somehow.

Seeing a seller saying bad things about previous buyers doesn’t paint a pretty picture in their minds of a happy experience with a seller.

These things say to potential buyers BE AFRAID. BE VERY AFRAID.


This is the little note I added to the bottom of my deliveries today. I know it sounds stupid. And I’m a writer. This is just a testament to how exasperated I am over this.

Reminder to all clients: Due to policy changes, I will no longer be participating in Fiverr’s review process. Please contact me before closing the order if the delivery is unsatisfactory or take advantage of the free revision included in your order. Otherwise, I cannot address your concern. Thank you.


Exactly. Other sellers should be warned about buyers who leave bad reviews for silly reasons. Part of being a well-rated buyer should be that you communicate your needs with your seller, which means no randomly bad reviews!

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I agree 100%. It’s very frustrating. Sometimes if the President of Fiverr sells on Fiverr. I know the last president of Uber would sometimes ride Uber to see how his people are performing. I feel that some of Fiverr’s decisions are completely out of touch with the sellers. It’s like they don’t know what we go through.

I love that! I want to use it, I just don’t know if it’s going to lead to a ton of revision requests. Let us know how you do.

It depends on what you sell. If you sell creative work where there are no right or wrong answers, you always risk a bad review. I do try to communicate what I can and can’t do in my gig description, but anyone can order a gig whether you want them to order or not. In a perfect Fiverr, you’d be able to reject orders with no penalty.


I offer one free revision with every order and I already remind them they have one free revision when I deliver, so it won’t change much for me. Someone who doesn’t already do that will have an increase in revision requests. If the buyers know that we can’t review their review, this might be a better option than getting an increase in negative reviews. I guess it depends.

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That’s true. I’ve had people I rejected go and order a Gig. I’m just thinking about the buyers who give a bad review because you failed to do something that they didn’t ask for, or some other unreasonable reason.


I also do that when delivering, nice to know I’m not the only one :grinning:

You almost have to. It might be different for different types of work, but for me, it’s nearly impossible to know exactly what a buyer wants before delivering a draft. I do revisions on maybe 20% of my work.

Yes, this is Fiverr comfirming they don’t care about us sellers and another confirmation that they are a buyer based system-maybe the next feature will be anyone who is against dumb changes like this gets no orders for ten days-it’s like they gave a green light to some mad professor to do whatever they please, oh boy, the feeling today when I experienced this blind review feature- Fiverr please don’t fix something that’s not broken


I do translation and proofreading (Spanish) and provide free revisions - the amount depends on the word count.

On the delivery message I remind them they’re entitled to x amount of revisions in case they feel any modification might be needed. Some use them, some don’t.

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There will always be people willing to sell on Fiverr, they know this and they take advantage of it. I’m glad this website has grown so much since 2013 when I registred, it shows that a lot of progres have been made BUT the sad part is that I feel like us, the sellers don’t get any protection, any support, it’s like we get used and if we don’t play by the rules, we are free to go because other are going to take over places. That’s how you treat worthless people when you do business, no one here like this blind review system and yet they see it and will not change it back. I’m sorry if I offended anyone, but isn’t this system about honest reviews? this is mine about what it’s happening on here.


These are creative solutions. I saw someone else say that they put something on their profile saying that they no longer respond to reviews and why. I was thinking about something to use as a response but I hadn’t come up with anything as clear as the one @faithmaryella wrote. That’s pretty good.

As far as leading to more revisions, that does concern me, especially since the order would be complete by that point and the buyer’s review can’t be changed anymore. I’m thinking about something really simple like “Order delivered according to gig description. Seller declines to respond personally to feedback due to Fiverr changes to the review system.”

I don’t know. I don’t love that either, but I also don’t want to just ignore reviews and wait 10 days. I just came off OOO mode so my sales will be slow for a while anyway - time to think and see what happens!


I just want to say that I’m sorry for creating such a long and at times insensible thread for you to moderate. This was not my intention. Personally, I think it has descended into just a long monotone wail at this point,

Anyway, my time machine is flat out of juice and what is done is done now. Sorry. :slight_smile:

It’s not really your fault if your time machine is out of juice. Seriously, though, I don’t see it entirely as a monotone wall because there are clearly opposing sides, although it seems to me that the majority of people are either against the blind feedback system or are somewhat neutral. (The neutral folks are probably people who don’t normally respond to feedback at all and some probably deal in enough orders to get reviews appearing daily even with a 10 day delay.) I don’t see too many people talking about how much they love the blind faith system, though.

There are several threads on this topic and the ones that are most useful been relayed to staff. Moderators generally don’t have any real influence over any of this, but at least we can show that the community has strong feelings about some things.

As far as the length of this thread, once a thread hits 300 we usually do close it, but if there are ongoing discussions we may start a part 2. I guess it depends on the remaiing responses (if any) what we’ll do with this one. I think you should consider your work of chaos done, though. Rest and prepare for the next one.


My hope is that someone will make a new platform that implements what we love about Fiverr, but incorporates more respect for the sellers. We’re just as necessary to the system as the buyers are. If that happens, the sellers who are worth more will migrate, leaving Fiverr to suffer with poor quality on both ends.


I apologize (to both of you) for my earlier rudeness, but I think it’s great that this thread is long and layered. This is a legitimate concern and it deserves attention from both Fiverr users and Fiverr staff. I personally feel that this is the worst thing Fiverr has done since I joined and I’m grateful for the thread, no matter how repetitive it gets.

I do feel bad for the moderator, though. Wish I could do a guilty emoji. (Sidenote: I’m pregnant, so I only accept half responsibility for my emotional state.)


Thank you. :grinning:

If you write something in the delivery message, instead of the review, it will be seen before the order is closed. That’s where I added my message.


I really like your text to Buyers about the Review Policy. I’m going to use a version of this in Delivery messages and other appropriate chat conversations.

Thank you for sharing it with us.

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Please see update on the review system from 10-16-18: Gig feedback and reviews