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this buyer is so sick… *******n, he keeps on rejecting my delivery, he wants me to do a graphs for his - and + data, now that im done doing it and everytime I deliver my work he keeps on rejecting it, because he is requesting another type of charts, now my concern is i cant just make another chart because he wants me to do another chart, now what happens on the first chart that he requested? will be a trash??? damn and one more thing is, the 2nd chart that he wants is not suited on his data, his data will generate a “-” and “+” bar charts, the data that he provide is composed of 1 array only, and he wants his bar charts to be stacked??? HOW CAN I STACKED A DATA THAT HAS - AND + VALUES AND COMPOSED OF A SINGLE ARRAY.

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what is PELASE ???

go there and explain your case.

sorry did change it already

its hard to communicate with a buyer that dont know how to analyze things

go there and explain your case.

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ok thank you so much

Do not start work on a different chart for free, if he asks you to make a change that can be considered as a whole another gig it self, or if he made a change after you have started working on the project, send him a custom offer, if he rejects it raise a dispute. Fiverr Customer Support can just view the conversation and know it was his fault. Also, even if you provide unlimited revisions, he can ask to improve a specific thing, not ask to create a completely new set of charts.

Ok sir thanks for the info

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i asked him already to cancel his request, i dont mind if he will use my works that i already deliver to him

You should mind, value your time. By letting him get away with this you are just encouraging him.

its ok sir, I dont have any choice, i have other valued customer to work with, I dont just matter the money that i earned only here, valued customers matters for me also. he can take the work that I made. I dont prioritize a bad customer even if how much is the price.

stak em lik tis


lol this is so funny hahaha

you keep making thing funnyyyyyyy

I do charts in Excel and I’ve had to cancel 3 orders this week because of buyers wanting impossible things, which is a record. (You get good at recognising the warning signs though so at least I didn’t do any work).

There must be something in the water. Maybe the polarity of the Earth is finally shifting.

Also, you should remove the ‘unlimited revisions’ option - 3 is more than enough if you must offer revisions.

Did you know too that you can limit the number of orders you have on a gig at any one time. It temporarily hides your gig so it means you don’t have to take the time to deal with messages and you don’t have to tell people you can’t help, which tends to turn them off for ever.

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thanks, i was thinking about the revisions. now I can understand it clearly. I am newbie here on fiverr please guide me