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Block a contact?

Is there a way to block contact with an individual? I have a buyer here who placed an order and didn’t upload the materials to produce the product, in fact he even said hold on, he just placed the order but he will get the files to me momentarily. I waited a day before sending a cancellation request, it seemed he was having another seller work on his logo before he sent it to me to be animated. My clock is ticking down so I sent the cancellation saying he can place the order when he has all of the materials. Two days later he declines the cancellation, sends the order into late status and says hold on. At this point there was no way I am working with this buyer so I sent a cancellation again. This back and forth decline of cancelation and sending a request has been going on for the last 24hrs, I am hoping Fiverr support can step in anytime soon to just cancel this order. Is there a way to just cancel this, on principle I am just not working on this order especially after all the rude comments, it is very frustrating indeed. I just want to block this buyer from all future contact and had to pause all my services to stop him from abusing the system. I don,t get it, what sort of twisted pleasure is this person receiving from not accepting a refund and just wants to annoy and abuse rhe system. I looked at his profile and he joined Fiverr this month. What can be done about these individuals, cause this isn’t the first and surely won’t be the last.

Frustrated Seller

Maybe you can find a polite approach to let him know that under the circumstances you don’t think you are a great match, for this reason you would appreciate it if he would agree to the cancellation. You can always contact support they can cancel the order for you, but mutual cancellation is the way to go ;). Unfortunately there is not way to block buyers. Good luck!

Thanks, all of the above has been done but he has declined over 25 offers for a refund. Why would anyone order a service when they know they don’t need it at the time though or decline a refund. Thanks very much for taking the time to comment, I do hope CS steps in as it is very annoying.

If I were you, I would post a ticket for support. Fiverr support is superb at handling these types of problems. All the best.

Thanks very much, a ticket is for support all now but as support can be busy it may take a while.