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Block a person?


I have a client that orders and cancels (I have done it more than 4 times) I have lowered my delivery range and continue in the same, makes cheap excuses and without logic, I want to block it so that it does not order more


Ok if you want to block that person

~>Go to message TOP Right side.
~>You Can see Report button
~> Go for it and feed that reason why you want to block that person.
and Done!

let me know if you need more help form me.
Thank you.

Best regards,
jaydeepsinh :slight_smile:


I don’t think that will block them from ordering, only from messaging and even that doesn’t seem to work always, judging from many forum posts on the report button.

As this keeps happening, I’d screenshot the cheap excuses and sum the situation up for Customer Support and send a ticket so they may look into this.


yes of-course you are right that will also help…

Thank you so much for new information…


Thank you very much for your attention, but it still does not work I have to send a report to fiverr


I would suggest sending another and direct it to the Trust & Safety team. Include their username, all order numbers, and screenshots as well. They should handle it for abusive behavior and likely block the user.


I do not know where to send the report :decepcionado: He’s still doing it, I can not stop him


Remove the graphic because a username is noticeable which is against the TOS.

What @sydneymorgan was suggesting was that you contact support.

Don’t cancel your current order yet. Let Fiverr support take care of it.


The report button does not block somebody.

When you hit the block button, a message is sent to the trust and safety team. If they believe there was a good reason for the blocking, they will ban the seller or give them a warning.

If there is no good reason for the blocking (i.e. they did not break the ToS), the block will be removed.


And what do I do with that order that I have canceled or attempted to report?