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Block Abusive Buyers + Late Gig Modifications


A feature to block buyers from placing repeat orders would be nice… sometimes you have issues with buyers but later on down the road, they place another order and you obviously don’t have a recollection on everyone you have an issue with. This would prevent abusive buyers who threaten to ruin your reputation from placing repeat orders.

Also, regarding the late gigs ; the automated feedback for late delivery should be removed as it has no connection to the late delivery – majority of late deliveries are due to lack of information from the buyer. I’ve also had situations where I’ve requested cancellation, a buyer will refuse cancellation after which point the automated cancellation window opens up and ruins my rep – which obviously is not fair since I initially requested to cancel the order and I can’t be at my computer all day making sure things like that don’t happen.

Liking the new “quick response” feature.


Fiverr will never create a feature to prevent buyers from ordering, it would be like cutting their own throat. I see what you mean, what i really suggest if they at least make a feature to create our own label so we can see when the bad buyer places an order, i do have those labels in the inbox page but i can’t see when the bad buyer orders, i think it would be quite handy to see who is ordering from you by looking at the history label and it works well if they are one of your good buyers you gave them the extra attention they deserve. In other word a label system in the order page based on IP address in case they change account?