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Block access to cancelled orders

I have seen some buyer cancelling orders after completion. It is very hard to find out the same buyers use the delivered files stealing our valuable resources. This won’t be a perfect solution but it will help if Fiverr can block access to the order page and prevent any further downloads of the files we sent them.

Just had an unfortunate cancellation, that will effect my profile.

Thank you


Some time ago i faced same condition when the gig completed but my buyer asked me to do more that was out of my gig.Before it he said me to deliver order and he mark it as complete but later he contacted to support team to canel the order and i got tos warning from fiverr and it was terrible time for me

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Absolutely, even the Fiverr support team is unsupportive.

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I didn’t know a buyer could do this. Why is there an option for the customer to cancel after they have marked the order as complete?

They can with the help of Fiverr customer support. They will cancel the order and refund the money to the buyer.

I’ve just had this happen to me. The buyer marked the order as complete months ago and hasn’t mentioned anything wrong with it. They’ve now requested a refund without any message to me, the buyer has blocked me so I can’t even ask why and Fiverr have refunded the order without telling me why.

I think it’s ridiculous that Fiverr could do this to their sellers. I’m a level two seller, so I’m supposed to get more support than on level one, but to be honest, have experienced worse support than I did before.

I get that they have to protect the buyer, but without even asking the seller for their side first is completely unacceptable.

Did anyone actually get this decision overturned? I’ve raised a complaint with them about this process.

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