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Block Buyers [ARCHIVED]

So I had this buyer who purchased a gig without contacting me first even when my gig tells buyers they should. Next, the buyer refused to properly respond to my gig requirements, and therefore did not give enough information so I could start their project. But my buyer gave alot of information; complained about work done by another seller on Fiverr, accused me of making incorrect to their site which I didn’t even have access to as yet. Getting information to start working on the order was like pulling teeth. I barely managed to complete the job in time. I was stressed out throught this ordeal but unbelievably, the buyer satisfied with my work and wanted me to do other projects. I did not want to work with this buyer ever again. So, I politely informed the buyer I was busy with other gigs; I didn’t have time to work on theirs. A few days later, the buyer bought another gig. I had to ask them to cancel. Why can’t we ban/block buyers so that it appears as Suspended to them.

Hey, this is a nice suggestion, but I think it would be bad business sense for Fiverr to do this. I see your stress and I have a client like this right now who keeps ordering and ignoring my gig description. I simply think instead of blocking a buyer, because I find that would be unprofessional, that we can flag a buyer so that Fiverr Customer Support would see that a specific buyer is not respecting your gig, but the bottom line is that the customer is always right.

So, with that said, I think a better suggestion than simply blocking a buyer would be to explain to the buyer that what he/she is requesting is not part of the gig offer and in a nice professional way, tell your buyer to read the gig description again. Then, give the buyer the option of continuing with the order AND paying you extra by purchasing more gigs or refunding them. If the buyer still ignores this and does not want to purchase additional gigs from you, I would flag the buyer with CS.

@oldbittygrandma gave me a nice template on how to address this situation. @oldbittygrandma, do you mind pasting that template here for @kim_talented to see.

I hope this helps,


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: What she said, which she is so good at and that is awesome! I have never had a reason to block a buyer but I do understand about buyer causing stress so when the product is delivered you hope they never cross your doorstep again

Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Thanks to much. I will definitely use your template when dealing with those pesky buyers. You’re awesome!

Reply to @kim_talented: Hey Kim, I had some hand in this too. LOL She is awesome!

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it should be a sign like it is in stores… “we have the right to refuse service” :)>- =D>

Actually sometimes the customer is wrong and sometimes it’s best not to do business with profit-loss dressed in customer clothing.

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There should 100% most definitely be a block buyer option. Some buyers are just malicious, and as howtophil says a “profit-loss”.

It’s needed.

Especially in the case of certain female sellers with a particular kind of common gig that are sent horrendous things by harassing stalkers.

This is a MUST.

I’ve got a client who is a TRUE pain in the **s. He’s driving me INSANE. One should be able to choose who can work with.

I would like the option to block messages from a user, as a psychic on Fiverr I have clients that order once and than for over two years now still message me there questions over and over despite politely asking them to order a gig if they want a reading.

Plus I get at least two spam/gig advertising messages a day.

@ OP:

No brainer +1


Candi x

The fiverr gods know I wish I had the option to block buyers as well… but it seems maybe a bit brutal. But it’s also pretty brutal having to a job and keep your mouth shut or risk a bad rating or complaints to CS… So, I have a proposal –

What iiiiiiif sellers could add an optional setting to their gigs whereby the client ‘proposes’ a job to the seller of their choosing, using a system that resembles a cross between the messages system and submitting gig requirements, and the seller ‘accepts’ or ‘rejects’ the job (click ACCEPT and then client submits gig requirements and timer starts ticking etc)? This way those who want to block clients from buying gigs can, and those who don’t want to don’t have to, and a bit more mutual shopping around happens?

Would be a decent feature, to utilize either before/after a gig.


Some buyers sometimes act sucks! but that’s the reality. Grown up and move your life :slight_smile:

All this time and still no way to block problematic buyers.

Seriously, this is a must. There are customers who will not respect that the gigs are offered as described and that no amount of ordering and THEN asking if changes can be made will make a difference.

Sellers NEED to be able to block those buyers.

I believe the option should be available, however, till that becomes an option it’s best to communicate with the Buyer and let them know you no longer wish to work with them.

I understand some Buyers can be very difficult and you have the right not to work with them, but be straight forward with them. Don’t give them excuses saying you’re busy with other orders isn’t the way to go about it at all - it’s just leading them on to think you’ll work with them again in the future.

Remember, put yourself in their shoes. Would you rather be led on by someone till it comes to a head having had all that time wasted or would you rather they just tell you the truth up front so you can either come to a resolution or go your separate ways Honesty is always the best policy, in life and in business. Good luck to you! :slight_smile:

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I do like the we choose to refuse service idea.

Most stores and shops have this right and rarely if ever exercise it.

The right remains however as a last line of defence.

When you take into example all the tutorials “how to make money using fiver” most are actually pointing toward selling work onward from a fiver seller to buyers from craigslist or ebay.

This is not in fivers best interest .

(few of any tutorials I saw on you tube ever actually suggested you try selling here.)

Stop complaining. That is the name of the game in selling yourself or a product. You have to put up with the customers or learn to handle them.

Also sellers/shops can be just as big pain in the neck. Promising solutions/products but delivering real sheit. And then getting hysterical and threatening when you write a review that has less that 5 stars. It goes both ways.

block buyers and spamers!