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Block Client Still Able to Place Order

I’m very upset.
A few days ago I got a $5 client who ordered without contacting me first. Suffice it to say, The experience was not good. It is NEVER good with $5 clients.

After the delivery, I blocked the client so that can’t order from again.

I’m shocked to see another $5 order just came in from this client again. Why would Fivver disregard my request to block this client and allow them to order from me again? Incidentally, this is the first time I’ve ever blocked anyone on Fiverr. Why don’t my wishes as a client don’t matter to Fiverr? I am so upset right now. Because what are my options now without canceling the order and have my ratings go down? Why force me to go through another unpleasant experience to keep my ratings up?

I’m really disappointed with Fiverr.


I feel for you. I have an ongoing $5 order like this at the moment (which was blatantly a $35 order). Even then it wouldn’t have been worth it with the amount of hours I have put in. Got to be 15-20 hours. Also not a genre of music I say I do (or like). My hope was it won’t happen again and at least I can block the person after for taking advantage of me.

Hearing this I might seriously consider leaving Fiverr. It’s annoying because I have just bought a load of expensive equipment which my Fiverr orders haven’t paid for yet.

Did they put the order through before the first one completed? Could that be why? Maybe the block only works once the first order is complete? Email support and see if they are willing to do anything. It’s not fair of them to penalise you for completion rate when you blocked the person. Please update with what they say.

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No, the first order was completed a few days ago. I promptly blocked them after they accepted and left a review. The gray banner appeared at the top of their profile that assured me that the client would not be able to order from me again. I was shocked to see an order came through from the client today.

These $5 buyers know what they are doing. They deliberately order without contacting you first then attach a file well beyond the $5 scope, then argue with you when you tell them it’s more. Then it’s do or die: You either suck it up and work for the $5 or cancel and risk getting demoted.

I’m seriously considering looking elsewhere also, because the seller’s wishes don’t seem to matter here.

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I’m definitely going to take a screenshot once I have blocked someone. I’d need to show the date and time on it somehow though.

On your place I would’ve go straight to CS and ask them how they can fix their mistake and flow in their system as you are not wishing to proceed working with this client.
Either this or you can just keep complaining here without any actions.

If the order is less than you client ordered I would’ve also send a message to your client saying something along the lines of “unfortunately this gig price doesn’t cover everything what you ordered. I made an exception for you for the previous order as a first time buyer but now it will be x amount more. I will send you custom offer for it shortly”
And send your custom offer right away.

But MAIN THING: is to contact fiverr support right away.


In ADDITION to “complaining here”, I also contacted CS and am waiting on their reply. Their auto-response email told me it might take more than 24-hours before they can get back to me. The gig order is for 2 days delivery. That’s why I came to “complain here” in addition to my “actions”.

I already spoke to the buyer, with my own words, about pricing etc. I received hostility in return, just like the first time, which is why I BLOCKED him.

But never mind, I will deal with the issue on my own. I won’t become one those people who come on here looking for support only to end up getting attacked by arrogant sellers/moderators/whoever.

I thought this was called The RANTING Pot. But whatever.

Please don’t get me wrong and don’t just take my words out of the context. The main thing advise you how to act, which is the biggest part of my previous reply, but I guess it’s all about perception :wink:

You didn’t mention anything about your other actions, so please don’t be bitter if we advice something that you already did.

Just out of curiosity and entertainment it will be also interesting to see your clients replies to you (of course with their name removed from the screenshots) we all love a little bit of old bitching and complaining about clients :wink:


You said it yourself: this type of client is no good. So create a gig that will repel them, not encourage them.

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I did receive a message from a buyer even after I blocked him. This is a strange experience and the type of abusive words he sent me was shown to the CS, but till date there is no action on the buyer. I feel like its not worth reporting to CS. :frowning:

It’s not good at all that the block didn’t work. Probably some kind of bug, you definitely should take this up with support. I’m curious to hear what they’ll say.

What I’m wondering, though, is, if you say the experience is never good with $5 clients, have you considered not offering any $5 gigs anymore? Many sellers don’t, even such who wouldn’t say it’s never good with $5 clients.
Not offering $5 gigs doesn’t mean you can’t offer small things for $5 anymore even but you can avoid “$5 buyers” if your gig price is higher and you can still do $5 gigs via custom offer if people contact you for smaller jobs than included in your package, like that, they can’t order directly and you can decide if you feel good working with them based on the conversation.


Just as an update to you, Siobhan_Ellis,

CS made this action: Cancelled the order on their end, then proceeded to let me know this: "…please keep in mind that cancelation stats are handled automatically and the system will update the cancelation rate based on our criteria."

Obviously, my contacting CS was to avoid having my completion rate affected, otherwise I would have canceled the order myself. They did not tell me this before canceling the order, but rather canceled the order and then told me my rate was going to be affected anyway. In other words, this was no help whatsoever.

Had they replied to me first before acting in order to find out what was the best way to proceed in my interest, I would have opted to do the job and keep my completion rate up, but also ask them to make sure the buyer is well and true blocked this time around.

Alas, I was not given that option.

Also, the issue was referred to as a glitch.

Won’t be posting on here again as I strongly believe most of the regular attackers on here are low-key CS.



Whatever… :roll_eyes:

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Thank you for the update colegordon. I cancelled my order too. I wish I had when I first got it instead of spending 20 hours on it. I was due to be a level 2 seller on my review date as well! The buyer said he really liked my singing but also had the cheek to insult me!!! That was the last straw so I cancelled. I have a feeling something dodgy was going on as he is also a singer/musician. Got a feeling he is going to steal my melody he didn’t paid for. Wonder if he does this a lot!

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