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Block / hide posts by user (Resolved)

Is there a way to make certain users posts invisible in the forum? There are a few extremely annoying people that add nothing of value and post constantly that I would like to not see when browsing. Most platforms allow this (silence a user), but I don’t see the option here. Can it be done?


I hope I am not one of those annoying users, but I think there is no such an option.

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No, you are not. But that being the case I think I’ll just stop coming here, certain hypocrisies and attitudes of certain users make my blood boil. The ability to silence a user is a basic function of any forum.


I’ve never seen such users. And for me everything is ok. If I see a civil post, I will just flag it.

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You must be new, then. Flagging doesn’t do anything, as they are not breaking any rules, it’s just that I have 0 respect for them and their opinions, since they are basically scammers.


I am not new, but if someone is a scammer, why not to flag him/her.

Because Fiverr doesn’t consider them scammers. Which doesn’t mean that they are not.


Well, but their post will still be flagged and won’t be seen by other users. Fiverr will not block them, however.

I don’t play like that. I’m not going to flag posts, that’s censorship (which is very common here). I just don’t want to have to read or even be aware of their existence. An ability to hide everything from a user is essential.


Yeah, I agree, that would be helpful.

There’s an option to mute users, but, if I remember correctly, all it does is not notify you when they mention you.

(I haven’t actually used it, so I don’t know for sure)

This one may help?

Muted: You will not receive notifications related to this user and all of their topics and replies will be hidden.


@wp_kid I didn’t know about that, thank you! Problem solved.


Glad to know, :slight_smile:


To call other sellers who post on the forum scammers isn’t ok.


Done! Thank you so much, this will definitely improve my stress levels while browsing the forum :smiley: :smiley:


Out of interest, why do you think these people are scammers? Is it because you feel they post only to boost their exposure, rather than to provide value to the community?

I’ll admit, there are people on this forum who grate on me a little, but there isn’t any regular poster I’d consider a scammer.


I won’t go into further details, it’s pretty obvious, and it has nothing to do with what they post here.

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Nice, I didn’t know about that one too.

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Fair enough. I’m glad the issue is resolved, anyway. The forum also allows us to mute threads and sections, which is also pretty useful. I do that now and again. But you probably won’t need to do it now you know how to mute users.