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Block other seller as he tries to compete me

I am a level one seller, and want to block a seller or want to avoid that seller to watch my profile and gigs. Because that seller is smartly copying my gig and increasing his and stealing my sales by providing same value which i am providing for the same price but as he has more reviews on his profile he is stealing my customers. i just want to block him from viewing my profile so he can’t future copies me. i know there’s nothing illegal in it, but still is there any way for this? i dont want to come across his customer nor want to give away my customer please help . thanks:)


I’m sorry, but the simple fact is that you are not offering anything unique. There are already several sellers offering what you offer. Some are priced higher, some offer more variation on their service, some have more reviews, some have fewer.

If a seller has copied your gig description, you can report them and this will be dealt with. However, if this is not the case, it is a bit odd how you can come to the conclusion that another seller is stealing your customers.

What you are asking would essentially be the same as me picking a random blog writer, before accusing them of stealing my customers, just because we both had the idea to offer blog writing on Fiverr.

If a seller has not copied your gig description, it is more likely that you are upset about not having as many sales as a competitor, and externalizing the reason for this. After all, it does not make logical sense for someone with reasonable sales to try and emulate the success of someone with fewer.

It will probably be best if you just let this go.

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If he copy your gig. Just report him gig. Fiverr will suspend his account.