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Block 'random' orders


I am offering my services as a developer on fiverr which is going tremendously.
However I want to prevent people from just putting down an order without contacting me.
If i set my gig’s maximum amount of orders in queue to 0 will that prevent people from sending in an order ?(except for custom offers).

Because allowing people just to send in orders leaves me overflooded with requests because people refuse to read my gig description. after which gig timer shall start running and the buyer didn’t even explain to me at all what he wants to work on, perhaps i am not able to complete the task and then when we cancel the order this ALSO negatively influences my stats.


If you type “buyers placing orders without contact” in the search bar above there are more than 50 topics on the subject offering different solutions you could try.


Why are you being rude? @lloydsolutions just asked you to search this topic as it has been answered many times which you should have already done before posting it here.

Here is a similar topic, you can find some answers here


im not being rude. you’re just over sensitive. this thread provides no answer what so ever. out of office mode and pausing the gig is not a solution.

Actually, I do think you were extremely rude. I took the time to find the correct search words for you so that you could read through the various topics as there is no “yes” or “no” answer.


You cannot prevent customers from ordering from you directly. Fiverr is designed as a place where it is easy to order.

Also, it is not a good look to be rude to people who are only trying to help you.


Fiverr makes it as easy and seamless as possible to place an order - the “randoms” are actually doing what they’re supposed to.

To slow things down a little you have some alternatives:

  • Raise your prices
  • Extend delivery time
  • Set up buyer requirements to slow them down and make sure they provide the information you need to get started.

… just off the top of my head …


well apparently there is a yes or no answer and it was "no’’…