Blocked buyer keeps sending orders through


I’m beeing bothered by a buyer for 8-9 months already. After I politely declined to work with them, I got threats immediately, so I’ve reported and blocked them and thought it’d be the end of it.

Then they got a few new accounts and started messaging me pretending to be someone else. Until, of course, I’d receive the project description and it’d be the same project I’ve declined to work on previously.

Then they got a newer account and started putting blank orders through. All at the same time telling me they’ll make me work with them or they’ll make sure I’ll get banned because they did it all before.

I’m canceling the orders through the customer support, and I’m ready to do this forever, honestly, because people who are somehow under impression that threats are the great motivator are a special pet peeve of mine.

But now there is a monthly level evaluation to be worried about, and I’m not sure if these cancellations affect it. And it does get exhausting after some time, especially when you realize nothing really can or will be done about them, and it’s just a question of how much free time that person has on their hands. And all I really have to do is to exercise my patience.


I would suggest you to write and explain this entire thing to fiverr customer support, providing them with screenshots of his/her threats.

I am not sure if support will be able to do much about it, since the user keeps on creating new accounts, but I guess at least keeping them in loop might help you in the long run, especially since that person has the ill intention of getting your account banned.


All of that was done already, multiple times. It’s “being looked into” each time, the person disappears and then pops back up in 1-2 months when I manage to successfully forget about them.


Seriously feel sorry for you. Any particular reason you think why he wants you to work on the project.


I honestly think it’s just an inadequate obsessive behavior at this point. Which was triggered by the fact they’ve picked me and I dared to decline. Maybe there is no project to even speak of at the moment.


Yes seems like it.

Just a very basic suggestion. Since he has been bugging you for months now and perhaps he himself would be tired by this stupid exercise. Do you think trying to ask him politely of what actually does he want from you. Maybe a bit of honesty might help to get the inside story of his end and in the process he might also loosen up a bit and leave you alone.


I have to honestly tell you, I’m creeped out by the person to engage with them any further and validate their behavior by reacting. But given the circumstances, anything might work at this point. :slight_smile: If this round with the customer support goes nowhere I’ll run this by them as well and who knows.

Thank you.


Well I do understand your helplessness at this stage and hope and pray the he stops annoying you any further.

Good luck!


Be extremely careful. Keep constantly in touch with CS.

It seems that they have already crossed the line:

They got a newer account and started putting blank orders through.

telling me they’ll make me work with them or they’ll make sure I’ll get banned

This is an openly threatening behaviour.


This is a buyer that knows Fiverr’s flaws, and is leveraging his abilities as a buyer to extract revenge. Evident by the “I’ve done this all before”. It’s actually quite malicious.

I hope Fiverr has some sense and doesn’t count these cancellations against you. And depending on where you’re at, I think there is some legal action you can take against this person if it goes that far.

Oh, don’t validate their actions by reacting. This person is psycho. All “customer service” BS goes out the window. Do not ask this person what they want. Continue to ignore this weirdo and report them.


Oh yes, the first account I got contacted from had a crown on it. I don’t know how many purchases do you have to make to be a top buyer, but I’m assuming quite a few. So the person’s been around.

I too personally think that ignoring is the best option in these cases, but it doesn’t always work because, again, new accounts are used from time to time. I get paranoid each time I receive a message that doesn’t go straight to the point of discussing the project from the account that was created very recently.


It can be really difficult, I´ve had that being contacted from different accounts by the definitely same person problem too, it´s no wonder one gets paranoid with some things that happen here either.
Anyway, just wanted to second, or third the opinion from above, and what you yourself feel about it anyway, don´t engage, report.


Yeah. And the person has a very specific way of speaking so I can tell it’s them almost immediately. I honestly would find it funny if it wasn’t this exhausting.

Thank you. I have the longest thread of messages with customer support about this. It’s bizzare.


I keep all of my customer support tickets open and updated on this. I reported the threats in November but the account is still up, though. Which both for better (because at least I can immediately identify the person) and for worse (because without getting any penalties they probably think they can get away with this as long as they want).

Thank you for the advice.


Make the order requirements mandatory to make sure the clock doesn’t start ticking for the blank orders.
This isn’t a solution for the overall problem, but it can ease the pain of the situation a little.


I have that set up but it’s a matter of time until they figure out how requirements work, I think. I also thought about letting incomplete orders hang until the person runs out of money but again, incomplete to active is a pretty easy transition.


I am so sorry this is happening to you. :slightly_frowning_face: What a nightmare! I have had mostly wonderful buyers. But when you mentioned the TRB gold crown that reminded me that the only two buyers I have had issues with both had the :crown:. :thinking:


I have to say, I’ve been here for almost three years and my experience has been 99% positive. There are odd people here and there but this is my first and so far only downright crazy experience.

Regarding the crown thing, I think there is a mindset of “I bring you, people, a lot of money, I can do whatever I want” in some cases. And that brings some additional negativity.


just contact customer support


Did you read the entire thread? :thinking: She has contacted CS many times. :wink: