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Blocked buyers can still place orders?

I feel like I’ve done a lot of ranting for my short time here, but seriously some of these buyers. :roll_eyes:

This morning I got a message requesting I contact someone outside of Fiverr, so I reported the buyer and blocked them (which I thought meant no more communication, no orders from them). I assumed the logical thing for someone to do when seeing they cannot message someone would be to move on, but nooooo.

You know what they say about assuming, and they are correct.

Apparently the buyer took not being able to contact me as a sign they should place an order and put their contact details in all four of my requirements, plus message them in the order chat (you know, in case I couldn’t read them the first four times).

I’ve sent it to CS but my question is: how on earth were they able to order after I blocked them? Is that normal? They didn’t create a new account, it’s the same one. It just seems weird.


I blocked someone once and they still could contact me so it’s not a sure thing. Hopefully CS can help get this straightened out.

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I got some dumb generic response from CS. Since in my case it was more of an annoyance than an actual problem, I just rolled my eyes and moved on.

“I recommend clearing cache & cookies, make sure Flash is up to date, log out and back into your account.”

Yeah, that’ll fix it… :roll_eyes:


Sometimes we know it’s a bug and to be told to clear our cache and cookies is adding to the frustration.

One time it did help to do that but I’ve only done that one time when I thought it might be a browser problem. We usually know when it’s a site problem.

In this case, when we block someone and they can still contact us, that is obviously a bug on the site.

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It’s kind of sad that the blocking feature doesn’t even work properly.

The site seems to have quite a few bugs. :bug::bug::bug:


Yes! It does. I would do a lot more business here if it didn’t.

I feel like if I’m giving a company 20 percent of my income, the program should at least work properly and not create extra work for me.


Ugh. Someone I blocked was also able to place an order. He never filled out the requirements though, so I don’t know if he just didn’t do it and never came back or if Fiverr somehow has a bug.

@humanissocial Exactly! I know all websites are going to have some bugs, but a blocking feature seems like a pretty basic thing. :woman_facepalming:

@cheyennewriter CS never confirmed whether or not it was a bug (I don’t know what else it would be, though) but they did cancel without it changing my order completion - it’s worth a shot, if you haven’t asked them to cancel already.

I am still trying to understand the train of thought these buyers must have…


I feel like I read somewhere that the block only works if they had at least one order with you. It doesn’t make sense - I know. But, I could be wrong.