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Blocked by user for no reason?

it can happen for various reasons that we can’t know about

If they had said “no sorry” but not blocked you, would you have asked them why not? Because having to come up with an answer to that could lead to more hurt feelings.

How do you tell someone you don’t feel like working with them? It’s a sticky situation for a seller. By blocking them you don’t need to try to come up with a nice way to say you don’t want to work with someone.

The honest answer would have been something like:

When you asked for samples and mentioned needing inspiration, right away I knew that it would involve a lot of my time answering questions and putting in a lot of effort in consulting with you which is not something I want to do.

And that would have probably led to you becoming hurt and mad and demanding more explanations etc.

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How about asking them what they bill for a (thirty minute) consultation instead if they don’t have a consultation gig that would tell one the rate.
Asking for a custom offer for a $5 thirty minute consultation might be counterproductive, I don’t think it’s a good idea to tell a seller that 30 minutes of their time is worth $5 (-20% Fiverr fee, -currency conversion loss if applicable, etc.). It’s the seller who gets to decide what a 30 minute consultation with them costs and might vary wildly, just as gig prices do. The buyer then is free to say yes or no to that price. Prescribing a seller their price for something may lead to the forum infamous “I fear I’m no good match for you” - in some cases perhaps even if the seller actually would have offered $5/30 minutes on their part if they’d been asked, by the way, and rightly so - or even to more blocks.
Apart from that, it’s a good idea, of course, a consultation makes sense if you don’t know exactly what you want.


I actually told someone two days ago who had asked me for a sample that I was going to block them. Then came several upset and anxious questions about why would I do that and things like “no please please don’t block me!” and other rapid fire messages. Then I blocked them.

I felt like an executioner kind of. It’s very draining for me as an empath to have to do that.

So for some sellers the ability to quickly block those we can’t help is a blessing.

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There are samples on my gigs. Also, the very wording of my gigs is considered a sample. If people can’t be bothered to read, or I feel they have read it but are asking for free work, I will block them.


You can’t review someone you didn’t buy from. That sucks, but the best thing to do would be forget about it and move on

You would, if you have the knowledge to do it. But, for example, if I wanted a logo, even with knowing 100% what I want, I couldn’t do it myself.

You don’t need to know 100% what you want, but if the seller gets the impression that you’d expect them to be psychic (or to not only read your mind, but your subconscious, as well) and figure out something that’s impossible for them to know, or that you’d be unable to give them instructions they can work with, they might choose not to work with you.

It’s not bad, as long as you know what a professional can or can’t do. For example, if someone tells me to just write something about drones, I can come up with something, but the chances are that the buyer would demand a revision with instructions like “No, not that, I don’t know what I want you to change, you’re the professional, that’s why I’ve hired you, give me my money back if you can’t do the job.”

You can ask for a custom offer for a consultation. Some sellers offer consultations, some don’t.

Blocking can hurt, I understand that. The trouble is, some buyers keep asking endless “why???” questions if the seller tells them that they can’t do it, or even proceed and place the order after the seller told them not to do it. Again, I’m not saying that you’re someone who’d ever do that, but some people are, and that seller might have had trouble with them in the past and decided not to take a risk.


Sometimes you get someone who messages you and they seem like they would be difficult to work with. For example I could spend an hour answering questions for someone and then at the end they would tell me they don’t have any money but they will get paid in two weeks but it won’t be enough for what the minimum is that I charge.

That happened today actually. I had enough spare time so kept answering dozens of questions, finally to be told they can’t afford it. So once again, I realized why I am quick to block some people. I hopefully won’t make this mistake again. I know better but took a chance.

I’m just deeply unsettled by people who go into a full punisher mode after a soft rejection. In life in general and here as well. Like, you should be happy someone saved you time and money by admitting outright that something wasn’t clicking. I wouldn’t want someone to take my project begrudgingly just because they were forced to.


So this person waited a few hours, then came back and asked me why it was a $4 service charge. I’ve never been asked that before.
They have made purchases before, a lot of them. So I said that I can see they have ordered before so they must know about the service charge. They said yes but mine was $4 and the others were only $2, so therefore they can’t afford to order from me. Really? On an $85 order, an extra $2 is a deal breaker?

@lenasemenkova That is called the “takeaway close” in sales.
You tell someone they can’t have something and then they want it a lot, and the more you tell them they absolutely cannot have it, the more they become more insistent they want it.

If they go into full punisher mode when you block them then they are most likely a narcissist who takes being blocked as a full out attack on them, one that demands they get revenge on you. I have ones that I won’t block for that reason, as much as I would love to.

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