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Blocked for re-selling previous design!

Hey Guys
So I have been on fiverr for 1 year now and worked day and night to become a level two seller. I admit that I made one mistake that I used design of a buyer and designed somewhat similar design for another buyer. Aftr 5 months the first seller found out and got angry, I apologized to him, told him that it was a mistake, Told him that I would refund or even design a new design but he was angry and was talking to me harshly and one day I signed it and MY ACCOUNT IS NO MORE ACTIVE !
I didnt get a warning nor a notification
I was willing to go to any end to make the buyer satisfied but I didnt get any opportunity for that

Can any one advise me how to get my account back ! Please

We are just buyers and sellers on the forum so nobody here can help you to get your account back.

Only Customer Support can help you with this.


That’s illegal.

If he got sued, or got threatened with a lawsuit, because of your actions, of course he was furious. If he suffered a great financial loss because of your actions, or was in danger of suffering it, your apology likely meant nothing, and new design wouldn’t have repaired the damage that you’ve done.

Fiverr sometimes bans users without a warning, depending on what they did and how bad the damage is.

If the buyer’s business suffered because of what you did (for example, loss of reputation plus a financial loss), what could you possibly do to undo the damage, and why would that buyer ever trust you again?

You do have an active account, though. If you have created it without the permission from Customer Support, you have violated Fiverr’s Terms of Service again.


Did you really made just ONE mistake or that’s the one that got caught? If you ask me you got off easy. Read catwriter post and you’ll understand why.

I understand your frustration but be grateful you’ve only lost your account. It could be a lot worst!


No sympathy, sorry.

I’ve wrote copy for at least 100 identical businesses since I stated on Fiverr. In every case, I have to simmer my brain in excessive amounts of coffee and walk my dog three times to get my head into gear and make everything I write unique.

You took a shortcut for the sake of making fast money and you got found out. Fiverr won’t give you a second chance. If they did, they’d have to give everyone second chances and change their name to Paroler.

All you can do now is treat this as a kind of life lesson.


I know that this is a big deal for you but to be honest I am glad Fiverr bans people for this type of thing. Hopefully this happens more often and those who cause potentially huge problems for businesses get removed from Fiverr. Then maybe, just maybe, those of us who don’t do that type of thing won’t have to suffer from the reputation people like you have given Fiverr.


thanks for the reply

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thanks for the honest advice
Really appreciate it

thanks for the reply urdeke

Are you Batman? :fearful:

Shhhhhhh, no, he’s not Batman, he’s just your typical billionaire socialite :wink:

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