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Blocked from AVAILABLE NOW as a buyer?

Hi all,
I am a seller and I bought a gig on fiverr while the AVAILABLE NOW was on. The seller messaged me saying “I am working on it”, I saw the message on the mobile app and did not reply. Guess what, yes I was blocked from using AVAILABLE NOW feature because I did not reply to that message! ( I did not reply two time before so this was the third time)

My point here, according to the main goal of this feature is"

Blockquote Available Now is a new way to attract buyers by being online, ready to respond to messages, and being able to start orders right away.

So it is only for sellers to respond to buyers. When I (as a seller) buy something on fiverr, I become a buyer, right? So I have right to reply to my seller’s messages or not. This should be independent of my usage of AVAILABLE NOW feature as a seller.

This post is just to inform other sellers, and the admins, that the programming of this feature should be adjusted.


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Now I got this lol
Bro, I was the buyer there!


Since you are a user who is both a seller and a buyer and you have clearly made sales and are a leveled sellers, this kind of makes sense. I understand what you are saying, but the system is new, in Beta, and it probably distinguishes between sellers and people who are not sellers. I doubt it is yet coded for 'buyer/seller" users and I don’t know if they’ll change that.

If you are still an active seller, it seems that the best thing to do would be to turn Available Now off when you are busy with buyer transactions. That 5 minute time limit is pretty short even when you aren’t doing anything else on the side. Might be good to turn on Available Now when you are prepared to read and reply to all messages quick and work on orders, but not when you are engaged in any side activities including buying. Just my thoughts on it. :slight_smile:


Thanks for replying. I hope they can modify this feature later to account for re-sellers :slight_smile: