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Blocked From AVAILABLE NOW - We can't stop conversation!

Since you violated the terms of AVAILABLE NOW, your status will be blocked until next month.

“AVAILABLE NOW” feature is blocked now on my account but problem is because I not replied within 5 minutes to of my clients and he wasn’t new client we were discussing.

That feature need to work only when new customer contact us for first time because if that’s work on this way if customer send “Bye for now” we need to reply “Bye and have a nice day” and he will reply “Thank you” and on this way we will waste our time replying every time he reply and we can’t stop conversations with customers never.

So I want my feature to be unlocked because that’s not my fault and I respected feature.

Note* I understand concept of this feature but I’m attempting to help Fiverr to improve that because that’s great feature but we can’t lose jobs because there have bugs.

Also I’m interested to know if other Fiverr users agree with my post and if I’m wrong sorry :frowning:

Thank you :slight_smile:


I agree with part of your post. :slight_smile:
Feature should be improved as this is the biggest problem of it. :wink: But that is why it’s in beta stage now. :wink:
So the part of the message where you wrote that you “want!” to be unlocked and that you can’t lose jobs because of bugs, this is where I don’t agree at all. :wink: You can’t demand something like that, you should be lucky you were lucky and were chosen for beta testing in the first place as most of sellers didn’t got a change yet. So you’re not loosing business, but you got it because of it. :wink:

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I just loved this feature, the way it is now.

It is right that we should reply with in 5 minuted to every customer, as some are regular customers and have our gig in favorites. they know we are available and we should be replying to them in 5 minutes.

In case there is conversation going on, that means we are busy and should turn it off.

we can have 5 jobs in the feature and other jos and orders are not included in it

I agree that this is an issue, I’ve been penalized after not replying to a “good bye” message from the client. I’m considering not to continue using this feature at all since I see no actual difference from the “online now” search filter. Maybe I will use it again when they improve it, maybe they will fix the replying issue and add a timer so we can set how long we want the feature to be active during the day.


Best suggestions I’ve seen for improvement of the feature. I have stopped using it for now as I got penalised for not replying to someone in the timeframe (except I had… so I don’t know, maybe I was a minute or two off, who knows.) A timer would be a great idea.

@devcode I agree with you too.I also faced the same situation.This should be for new Buyers.

Well, I suppose that’s why it’s still a Beta feature. I’m sure Fiverr will consider all suggestions and tweak it accordingly. My biggest issue is getting blocked after having 5 or more orders in queue. Instead of blocking us until the next month, Fiverr should immediately reinstate Available now once we have less than 5 orders in queue.


I think it is a great feature but they said if you do not reply in 5 minutes 3 times you will be penalized except I only missed once and now can’t use this feature anymore